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Panasonic Company Background

Panasonic Australia was founded in 1989. However, the well-known company's history dates back to 1918, when a Japanese industrialist started a small business manufacturing home electrical products in Osaka, Japan. Now the largest Japanese electronics producer, Panasonic is part of the Matsushita Group – named after founder Konosuke Matshushita – and is one of the world's foremost electronics and appliance brands. Panasonic understands the unique needs of the Australian consumer and uses its worldwide technological resources to produce appliances that specifically suit the Australian market with durable, quality goods of superb value.

Panasonic looks to delight and inspire their customers by providing the most innovative lifestyle solutions available. The company upholds its vision and values by offering products that are reliable, simple to use and supported by quality service. As importantly, they seek to empower their customers by providing product insights and sharing knowledge. Panasonic remains fresh and innovative by creating new opportunities and new ideas and by being fun, by enjoying what they do and making sure you enjoy what you do.

Panasonic's values extend past the consumer to the environment, with a comprehensive corporate environmental policy that harnesses clear objectives. All of Panasonic's appliances worldwide are produced by ISO 14001 certified factories, including warehouses and sales facilities located throughout Australia. Panasonic is so committed to the environment that they have devised a Green Plan and vision of coexistence with the global environment. The steps being taken towards this are multiple: complying with all legal and statutory obligations, encouraging a sense of environmental responsibility among employees, developing plans that help minimise the impact the company has on the environment, monitoring all environmental initiatives and providing information on those initiatives to the public.

Panasonic's promise is to create the best products available and to stand behind those products 100%. Panasonic's microwave ovens – available through Appliances Online – are top of the line products that fulfil your cooking needs easily, admirably and attractively. With stunning good looks that will enhance any kitchen, Panasonic's microwaves are available in multiple styles such as basic white and sleek stainless steel. Panasonic microwaves contain an exclusive technology called Inverter Cooking. This truly takes their microwaves in a new direction by giving you superior control over your cooking. The control of Inverter Technology comes from it being able to truly cook at constant, exact temperature. This constant cooking is in contrast to a conventional microwave oven where only one intensity of microwave output means power blasts on and off over the selected time. Furthermore, a graduated cooking feature means that once your food has reached its optimum cooking temperature power is gradually reduced, meaning fewer burnt edges, food overspills and uneven cooking.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to make an investment in the best of home entertainment, check out the Panasonic electrical range from Appliances Online. Recognised as one of the leaders in the manufacture of electronics, Panasonic is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world. Their commitment to excellence and innovation, providing inspiring, affordable and highly functional product, has made them a ubiquitous presence in homes around the world. And they do it all with an underlying philosophy of sustainability and a desire to remain environmentally friendly.

Their LED and Plasma TV ranges deliver the benefits of high-definition clarity, realistic smooth-running action and lustrous colour from sleek, stylish units. Amongst the selection at Appliances Online, you will also find models which offer the enhanced capabilities of Smart technology (i.e. connectivity to the web and other media devices), which enables them to turn into incredible multi-media hubs. Select models are also 3D capable, opening you to eye-popping new worlds of immersive content.

And there’s so much more – Panasonic demonstrates uniform class through their electrical range. For example, check out the selection of Panasonic Hi-Fi Systems to match your TV to some incredible sound. Meanwhile a Blu-ray player from Panasonic provides the best image source possible, not to mention thumping high-fidelity surround sound. And if you’re a real fan – a Panasonic Projector will be able to bring the big-screen cinema experience to the home …and their range of accessories will complete and enhance any set-up you have planned.

Appliances Online is proud to bring you a great range of Panasonic appliances and electrical equipment, 7 days a week and at phenomenal prices. Our best price is guaranteed along with our service staff being there to assist you every step of the way. From choosing an appliance that will match your current kitchen to answering questions on your new product – we're here for you.


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