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About Oliveri

Oliveri Company Background

Since 2007 Tasman Sinkware has been Australia's only manufacturer of sinks and Oliveri - their premium brand - among the best sinks the consumer can buy. For over 60 years Tasman has been creating some of the best sinks on the market. Beginning life as a general and domestic metal fabricator, Tasman gained distinction for the quality of their sinkware. Oliveri sinks are of the highest quality, manufactured to Standard 1SO 9000-2000. Engineered to world standards they are sold in New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK.

Many sink manufacturers will proudly list their heritage in their promotional literature such as: Australian / German /Swiss / New Zealand. However, this does not mean their products are in part or all manufactured in these countries. Only Oliveri can lay claim to being Australia's sole commercial sink manufacturer. Appliances Online carries Oliveri not only because they are the only Australian sink manufacturer but because they are the best. Oliveri manufacturing plants in Australia bring home the idea that sourcing locally does the earth and your pocketbook a world of good. Appliances Online saves you in overseas shipping costs and guarantees great discounted prices on Oliveri sinkware everyday.

Oliveri brings back the concept of the "kitchen working triangle" - the arrangement of the three focal points of the kitchen: the sink, stove and fridge. To that end, Oliveri sinks are designed with this arrangement in mind, with a versatility that ensures the utmost in utility as well as creating a functional kitchen that's gorgeous to look at.

Oliveri sinks come with a wealth of features and options. Constructed to fit into the standard 600mm bench top they offer both wider and bowl only sinks. Made of highest quality stainless steel, Oliveri sinks are hygienic and easy to clean with a remarkably long life. You can also incorporate a Stainless Steel Utility Tray to further extend bench space. The tray is practical and easy to use and has a plastic rim to keep from scratching your new sink. Other accessories available for your Oliveri sink include Solid Timber Cutting Boards, Dishwasher Friendly Colanders and Crockery Baskets. These can all be accommodated in the accessory lip which is standard on all their sinks.

Another useful feature of Oliveri sinks is their basket type waste outlet, again standard on all their models. These easily capture all residue from your sink work and allow for waste to be disposed of easily In addition, in many instances the outlet is positioned to the rear of the sink bowl, meaning the pipe work underneath the sink is located towards the back of the cupboard, meaning you have more storage space underneath your sink.

Your choice of kitchen tapware needs to be aesthetically pleasing, hard working and reliable, as it subjected to as much use as the sink. Oliveri tapware is sourced from world class tap manufacturers who have proven their reliability and are able to produce product that complies with Australia's stringent standards. All Oliveri taps are manufactured from D R Brass (Dezincification Resistant) to Australian standards. Each tap has been tested, rated and registered to WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling & Standards Scheme) as is required.

In selecting tapware, Oliveri not only look for reliability they also seek out products whose design compliments the Oliveri sink it is to fitted to, so that your kitchen is as attractive as you demand it to be. And with the help available from the team at Appliances Online you have unbiased, professional advice at your fingertips, 7 days a week. We'll do everything we can to get you matched up with the Oliveri sink that's right for you and the best choice for your home.


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