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LG Company Background

Established in 1958, LG began its life as a pioneer in the Korean consumer electronics market. Since then they have branched out and become one of the most well-known electronics brands in the world, with a name that stands for quality and value. LG has been in Australia since 1997 and in that time have proven their dedication to meeting the specific needs of the Australian consumer market. They currently have offices in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

LG's slogan – "Life's Good" – sits at the core of the company's vision: to make life better for consumers with their line of products. To this end, LG offers innovative, durable appliances that are attractive and simple to use, making the tasks you use them for easy and enjoyable. LG makes life easier with people-friendly technology.The range of products LG offers is comprehensive. They use their global experience to collect the best technology and design techniques from around the world to construct top-notch products you'll welcome into your home. With an enormous array of products to choose from you'll be sure to find an LG product for all of your needs. Mobile phones, TV and audio, kitchen appliances, laundry appliances, air conditioning and more – LG has something to suit your needs.

LG's Dishwashers have some of the most up to date technology, including the Slim Direct Drive Motor, which is positioned vertically in the appliance, leaving a spacious interior with more room for large plates, crockery and serving dishes. With a ten year motor warranty you also gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your investment will be well looked after. The Dual Wash System and Extra Hot Rinse Cycle features mean that your dishes will be washed with the attention different types of dishware require as well as at a higher temperature for a more hygienic wash. With UV Sanitisation, bacteria are reduced through exposure to UV light – giving you the cleanest dishes available.

LG's fridges are as advanced as their dishwashers, offering a similar ten year warranty on their Linear Compressor. The Linear Compressor offers greater control of temperature with less vibration and less noise than a standard fridge compressor system. Bright, white LED lighting in the back of the fridge means you'll be able to find what you're looking for easily and quickly. The option of an indoor ice maker means no space is lost in the freezer to ice storage, meaning you have two extra shelves available while still enjoying the convenience of getting ice through the fridge door. A Moist Balance Crisper system means the moisture in your crisper is kept at optimum levels, meaning your fruit and vegetables will stay fresher for longer.

LG are also, of course, one of the brands to make a name for themselves in the world of hi-fi, with some of the most cutting edge products around – delivering functionality and high-quality performance.They have been at the forefront of Smart technology, for example, transforming the way millions of people worldwide watch television with dynamic connectivity, huge libraries of apps and more. Meanwhile, with the arrival of LG’s spectacular Magic Motion Remote, control of all these dazzling capabilities has become as effortless as a wave of the hand.

LG have also positioned themselves as a leading exponent of 3D technology, thereby developing some of the most mind-blowingly immersive entertainment experiences around. A 3D Home Theatre System from LG represents an investment in the best sound and vision around. And with their range of accessories on hand to enhance your viewing and listening pleasure, LG are a trusted brand to turn to when you want to take your entertainment to the next level. Discover everything from highly durable and discrete solutions for mounting your television, to Skype Video Cameras, 3D Active Shutter Glasses, and more.

One of the world’s most celebrated and trusted brands, Appliances Online is proud to stock a range of LG products. Furthermore, when you buy an LG from Appliances Online you will get the peace of mind that comes with professional, unbiased advice. With our team available 7 days a week, we are here to help you with all your appliance needs.


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