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Laurastar Appliances Company Background

Established in 1980, Laurastar is a Swiss company dedicated to creating professional-standard ironing systems for domestic use. Highly innovative and beautifully designed, Laurastar irons are distributed worldwide and are used in 25% of Swiss homes. In 1994 Laurastar was launched in Australia, and since that time the brand has developed a strong and loyal following. Synonymous with quality, Laurastar is focussed on making the experience of ironing as easy and enjoyable as possible, making it possible to achieve professional ironing results at home.

Every day, Laurastar engineers, designers and employees work towards improving their ironing products and services to live up to the promise of saving you time and effort in the laundry. Less time spent on ironing means more time to spend on leisure activities, which is a benefit anyone can appreciate.

With traditional irons, only the surface of the fabric is heated. The iron must be passed over the garment several times, which increases fatigue during ironing and can make fabrics shiny. Steam from a traditional iron is not sufficiently powerful to properly penetrate the fabric. Additionally, the steam drops in temperature and condenses into the fabric, which can lead to creases re-forming during drying. To resolve the problem of condensation, the ironing table must be heated.

Laurastar Professional Ironing™ combines an active table with a professional sole-plate, giving you superior ironing results in less time.

The Laurastar professional steam system provides constant pressurised dry steam, not just a shot of steam. The steam is injected through the fibres at 50psi (3.5bar) meaning the steam passes through without condensing. Dry steam is created by twice-heating the steam first in the boiler, and then inside the patented labyrinth system inside the industrial soleplate. The result is a high quality steam with a lower moisture content which gives you professional-standard ironing results. It also means you don't need to worry about watermarks or scorching, and you don't need to use chemicals or sprays.

Designed to be more comfortable and less tiring to use, the new model Laurastar irons are lightweight. The constant pressure produced by 200 litres of steam volume per minute helps to prevent creases from reappearing, and the large water reservoir provides uninterrupted ironing without waiting.The Laurastar Ironing System (complete with steam iron and active board) can be stored easily thanks to its two pairs of integrated wheels and its reduced storage size. And in selected models, the 2.5 metre cable rewinds automatically, making it easy to move the system safely.

Another convenient feature is that ordinary water can be used in your Laurastar ironing system because of the aqua filter which prevents limescale and extends the life of the product. Finally, the super-fast heating time (3 minutes) allows you to start ironing faster.

Ideal for all types of fabrics (including natural and synthetic), the Laurastar will care for your clothes. Laurastar has won numerous design awards throughout Europe and is a pioneer in the steam-ironing category.


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