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Kelvinator stands for cold, in more ways than one. The company is named after the ingenious British physicist who developed the concept of absolute Zero and for whom the Kelvin temperature scale was named, William Thomson, 1st baron Kelvin. The name has guided the direction of the company through the years, maintaining their drive to keep food fresher with refrigeration.

Kelvinator is owned by premier home appliance company Electrolux. Since the company was founded by engineers Nathaniel Wales, Edmund Copeland and Arnold Goss in 1914, they have been producing refrigeration units and are credited with producing the first self-contained refrigeration unit with a cooling system, compressor and condenser in one cabinet. Such a breakthrough product revolutionised the home appliances market and sent the ice man in search of a new job. So successful was the company that by 1923 the brand held 80% of the market share for electric refrigerators in their homeland of the USA. The company expanded into the United Kingdom and Canada soon after this.

Popularity of the Kelvinator fridges incited the company to start producing more innovative designs. In 1934 they introduced the first two-door household refrigerator. However, it wasn't until 1947 that each door opened to two separate cold zones. In 1939, the company designed the first across the top freezer on a refrigerator - a style which is very popular in homes across Australia. The Foodarama debuted in 1955 and was the first side by side refrigerator. Many more "firsts" are noted for the company. Technological advances such as self-cleaning, specialised compartments for certain foods, frost-free technology, etc. have made Kelvinator a brand with groundbreaking innovations. Even adding decorative touches to their products were not lost to the company. In the 1960s Kelvinator refrigerators introduced "picture frame" doors on some models, allowing owners to decorate their appliance to match the décor of their kitchens. Perhaps such customisable options may make a comeback as home owners seek to renovate their kitchens for a specific "look."

Electrolux acquired Kelvinator in the early 80's and has not regretted the business decision to do so. In fact, the brand continues to wow customers with products and features that seem so simple other manufacturers are saying "Why didn't we think of that?" An example of this was the release of the 390 litre Frost Free Chest Freezer in 2006. Redesign after redesign has enhanced their product line and added a stainless steel finishing option to many of their products. For home as well as commercial use, their products are designed to get the job done for years to come.

Appliances Online has partnered with Kelvinator to deliver a line of products for professionals and aspiring home chefs, designed to provide years of trouble-free service in a demanding world. Not only is every Kelvinator product supported with a one year manufacturer warranty, Appliances Online guarantees that you will find the best price. You can shop with the confidence that comes from knowing that not only will the product match your needs, but also the price you desire.


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