Kambrook Appliances Company Background

Kambrook has been a feature of homes around our nation for more than 45 years. Founded by Australian inventor Frank Bannigan in 1964, the company was started in a suburban garage and gained its name from the road that Bannigan lived on.

The company has come a long way since its first major product – the 4-way power board – and its sponsorship of one of Australia's all-time favourite TV shows, Young Talent Time."It took Kambrook to think of it," was the catchphrase used on Young Talent Time, and the brand has now become synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that are suitable for any room in the house.

Kambrook products undergo significant durability testing – both inside and outside of the laboratory – before they reach customers. For instance, Kambrook tested their heaters in the field to ensure a quality performance. But not just any field – Antarctica!

The company sent samples to the 20-person crew at Australia's Mawson Station – the oldest continuously inhabited station below the Antarctic Circle – during winter to not only prove the heaters' effectiveness, but to also set the benchmark for product testing among the Kambrook development team.

It is this commitment to quality that allows Kambrook customers to have the peace of mind that their product is reliable, durable and value for money. Appliances Online now offers some of Kambrook's most affordable and efficient portable fans. From large pedestal fans to remote-controlled tower models, there is a Kambrook cooling solution suitable for any home or budget.

Kambrook fans boast useful features such as various speedsettings and timers, as well as the design and engineering to make the appliances as compact as possible. Kambrook fans are also rigorously tested for over 2,200 hours – which is the equivalent to a cool breeze blowing every day of a long hot summer!

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