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ILVE Company Background

Famous for its stunning handmade built-in and freestanding ovens, ILVE is the quintessential Italian brand. Perfect for those who are passionate about cooking, ILVE offers a wide range of beautiful kitchen appliances, including ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, microwaves and more. When you purchase ILVE, you’re not just buying an oven, you’re buying a license to ‘get lost in the moment.

The word ILVE is an acronym that stands for: I – Industria, L – Lavorazione, V – Veneta, E – Elettrodomestici, which translates to Industrial standard electrical appliances made in Venice. ILVE’s modern manufacturing facility, located near historic and timeless Venice (in Campodarsego), represents more than 50 years of tradition, continuous technological research, and relentless innovation. With each oven hand-assembled by a single master craftsman from the finest materials, every piece is a work of culinary art.

Since arriving in Australia in 1984, ILVE has become one of Australia’s most sought-after suppliers of premium ovens and cook tops. Staying true to its Italian heritage, ILVE has become known as the brand for of people who are simply passionate about cooking.

ILVE's extensive line of built-in ovens and microwaves are made to seamlessly integrate into your kitchen. Whether you're looking for an emphasis on style, value or durability, you'll find a beautiful handmade ILVE oven that will satisfy even the most passionate chef.

Designed to suit today's fast-paced lifestyle, ILVE pyrolytic ovens use high temperatures of up to 465°C to reduce food remains on the oven walls to ash. The oven will stay locked until the temperature has dropped back down to a safe level. Pyrolytic ovens offer two key advantages: they don't need to be scrubbed clean, and they eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

ILVE ovens with Turbowave Technology make it possible to maintain a steady low heat, perfect for creating moister roasts with less shrinkage and a perfectly sealed flavour. Alternatively, ILVE steam ovens make it possible to cook delicious and healthy meals while maximising flavour and retaining natural nutrients.

Additionally, ILVE has a range of beautiful dual fuel freestanding ovens which will make it possible to cook like a professional. Manufactured to withstand the pressures of a commercial cooking environment, ILVE dual fuel upright stoves offer the power and versatility needed to cook up a delicious feast.

To complete your kitchen, ILVE cooktops are lovingly handmade by master craftsmen, giving each the benefit of European styling and quality Italian craftsmanship. ILVE gas cooktops allow for maximum flexibility and value for money, plus they include added features such as a triple ring wok burner for quick and easy high-heat cooking. Or if you would prefer a cooktop that blends seamlessly into your kitchen, an ILVE induction cooktop offers many advantages. Energy efficient, easy-to-clean and highly safe, ILVE induction hobs set a new standard for the whole industry.

With one of the most powerful extraction rates available in the consumer market (1200 m3/h NET), ILVE rangehoods provide an essential function for open-plan kitchens by removing grease, steam, smoke, and cooking odours from the air. For serious cooks, an optional in-line motor boost brings the suction rate up to 1800 m3/h, plus the marine-grade stainless steel construction and stainless steel filters will stand up to the demands of even the busiest kitchen.

Always at the forefront of technology, design and innovation, ILVE is dedicated to bringing its unique brand of Italian hand-craftsmanship to the passionate homes and professional cooks of Australia.


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