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An international manufacturer of all kinds of electronic appliances, from computers to camera phones, Fujitsu is best known in Australia for their high-quality air conditioners. Through the Fujitsu General brand, the company produces a wide variety of split system air conditioners and other cooling solutions for Australian homes.Having previously operated as General Colour in the 1970s and General Corporation in the 1980s, Fujitsu General has significant experience in developing consumer electronics. Its current focus is the research and manufacturing of world-class air conditioning units.

Reverse cycle split system air conditioners from Fujitsu are designed to be stylish, slim and elegant while also delivering superior heating and cooling. Fujitsu air conditioners are engineered to reach maximum airflow faster so your home reaches the desired temperature sooner, and they’re designed not to blow cold air directly in your face. Quiet and economical to run, these air conditioners also include filters to keep the air free from dust, pollen, and bacteria for a healthier home environment.

Fujitsu air conditioners use innovative and intuitive remote controls to make it simple to manage your home environment. For instance, you can program your Fujitsu air conditioner to start operating before you get back from work so you can return to a delightfully cool home – just one of many useful and convenient features on offer.

Robust and well-made, Fujitsu air conditioners have been built to handle the tough Australian climate. Understanding that the majority of Australia’s population lives in coastal areas, Fujitsu improved the corrosion resistance of its outdoor unit heat exchangers with blue fin coil treatments, ensuring that they’ll last for longer no matter where you’re living. You don’t have to just take our word for it – just look at Fujitsu’s many achievements and awards. From 2004 through to 2008, Fujitsu held the GfK Industry award for Number 1 Air Conditioning Brand in Australia, and was also awarded Australia’s most Efficient Single Phase Air Conditioner 2009-10. Other awards of note include the 2008 CoolWorld Industry Award for 'Most Efficient Air Conditioning Unit' and the 2007 Australian Electrical Retailing Award for 'Best Cooling Supplier' in Australia.

In addition to split system reverse cycle air conditioners, Fujitsu also manufactures cooling-only split systems, multi-unit systems, and many more configurations of air conditioner. Regardless of the location or the layout of your household, the Appliances Online customer support team can help you make a decision.

Whether you need to cool or heat a single room or your entire house, a Fujitsu air conditioner can handle the job, no matter how tough the conditions. Browse the selection available at Appliances Online to get the best deal to suit your home and budget. Ask us about our installation services!


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