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About Falcon

Falcon Appliances Company Background

Falcon, part of the AGA Rangemaster Group, is known as the world’s oldest range cooker manufacturer. The first range cooker was built in 1830 in Royal Leamington Spa, UK, that’s more than 186 years in delivering high quality products. Today, in the very same manufacturing plant, Falcon cookers are still being built-by- hand.

Falcon is inspired by both traditional and contemporary designs, offering five definitive styles; Elan, Classic Deluxe, Classic, Professional+ and the Kitchener. Whether you choose a heritage inspired cooker or a modern design, the Falcon features, functionality and quality is superior. Our products are built to stand the test of time with everyday use in mind, thing together with showing your cooker the love it deserves, means you will have your cooker for many years to come.

Whether you are a foodie who loves to entertain, bake or roast, Falcon ensures you create rather than just cook. Innovative features like the handyrack means you can turn or add to your roast without lifting the tray out of the oven, pre-programme your oven so you can run a quick errand as well as bake, roast and boil simultaneously when you are entertaining.

The innovation and ongoing development of the Falcon technology is also showcased in the Professional+ FX 90cm model where the unique to market, Energy Saving Panel (ESP) enables you to split the oven in half. This gives you the option of a full capacity oven for entertaining or transforming the cooker into a compact single oven for everyday use. This is forward-thinking at its finest.

A recipient of international awards such as the Plus X Award highlights that Falcon range are leaders in innovation, quality and functionality. During the manufacturing process, each appliance goes through quality assessment and the engagement of a home economist means the Falcon cookers are put through full testing to ensure our products deliver to exact standards and expectations. Falcon are proud to be part of the AGA Rangemaster Group, a group which is home to the world’s most aspirational range cooking brands such as AGA, Rayburn, Redfyre, Stanley, Mercury and La Cornue. Falcon are proud of our heritage, history and experience and we continue to thrive to be a world-class supplier of high-end aspirational range cookers.

Rangehoods and splashbacks are also available to complement the Falcon cookers.


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