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Emilia is a subsidiary of Glem Gas SpA, a family-owned company. Glem Gas SpA combines the company's 49 years of experience in manufacturing beautiful Italian cooking appliances with a modern sense of elegant style. Built in Modena, the city that is the birthplace of Luciano Pavarotti and home to Ferrari, their extensive product range provides exceptional performance and value. The Australian subsidiary, Emilia Glem Appliances, is 100% owned by the Italian factory making it unique to other Italian cooking brands in Australia. Emilia is also one of only a handful of European brands which manufactures cookers with gas ovens and exports them to Australia. Not all brands make their own products. When you buy an Emilia cooking appliance from Appliances Online, you have the added assurance that after sales service will be available for the life of the product. Superior service, replacement parts and lifetime product customer support are all part of the package with this brand.

The Emilia Glem product range features sleek, stainless steel freestanding cookers, dual fuel upright ovens, energy efficient electric ovens and full size gas ovens. The Emilia range of gas cookers has the added appeal of high product specifications and a mid range price. Appliances Online offers discounted prices and multiple product sizes to meet your kitchen's needs. Emilia ovens vary in size from a 53cm wide compact cooker to the 60cm, 80cm and full 90cm size cookers for the Iron Chef in your household. The Emilia portfolio of products can revive and complete the look of your kitchen. Emilia products also coordinate with each other in style and size, making it easy to choose a look that fits your kitchen remodelling project.

The Emilia EM series of compact cookers is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to upgrade from a standard white oven to something more technologically advanced. They developed this cooker in Italy specifically for the replacement market in Australia where the 53cm width allows an EM cooker to fit into the space of a standard white cooker. No need to change cupboards or modify benches makes them a superb replacement cooker and the easy way to update your kitchen. This replacement feature makes the stainless steel EM cookers almost totally unique on the Australian market. There are 2 models available through Appliances Online. One model has a 4 burner gas hob with a fan forced electric oven - EM534EI. The second model - EM539EIC - is an all-electric cooker with the same fan forced electric oven area. Read product reviews on these cooktops on Appliances Online and research before you buy. If you have any questions, our helpful and courteous staff are happy to answer your queries.

Emilia is dedicated to becoming a company that makes a difference in the carbon footprint that their products leave behind. In 2007 the company launched the my green oven campaign, an Australian initiative which highlights the environmental benefits of gas cooking appliances. The Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts states that gas cooking generates about 30% to 50% of the greenhouse gas generated by traditional electric cooking. That's a reduction of 50% to 70% in your carbon footprint by switching from an electric oven to a gas oven. Gas ovens are also cheaper to run and are the premier choice for most professional cooks.

Although gas may be more economical, gas isn't right for everyone. For homes that are not connected to a gas supply line, electric is a safe and efficient option. Electric ovens are also more inclined to have computer interfaces with easy touch button controls that can allow a home baker to program in dinner at a pre-set time. Temperatures are also more accurately measured and timed, making it perfect for baking light souffl├ęs and delicious pastries, where perfect temperature and perfect timing are crucial.

Emilia Glem have taken emerging trends in cookware, social responsibility and energy efficiency and combined them with the desires of cooks just like you. Their dedication and attention to detail has won consumers across Australia. Appliances Online is proud to present Emilia appliances for delivery to your home faster than you can say pre-heat. Get yours delivered today and start cooking tomorrow!


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