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The Dishlex name is synonymous with excellent performance, reliability and great value. Dishlex Dishwashers first arrived in Australia in the 1980's and by 1999 had gained a 60% share of the Australian white goods market. Now part of the Electrolux Group, Australia's leading household appliance company, They are one of the many brands that Electrolux owns and distributes. Other brands by Electrolux include Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Simpson, Chef and AEG-Electrolux. All Electrolux products are manufactured to the most critical of specifications and live up to the standards of sanitation and cleanliness that Australian consumers have come to expect.

The new range of Electrolux Dishlex and Dishlex dishwashers continue to provide practical dish care solutions. Wrapped in a stylish, contemporary design they are sure to become one of your best kitchen allies. Some Dishlex dishwashers are manufactured in Australia while others are imported from Europe, China and South-East Asia. All their dishwashers are put through rigorous quality assurance checks to ensure that they are identical to those made right here in Australia.

Dishlex and its parent company Electrolux Group feel that a kitchen is not complete unless it works for you. Their products are designed and manufactured with the consumer in mind. In line with this they devote a great deal of time, knowledge and thought to researching and observing people in order to anticipate their needs and wants. The result is products which not only look beautiful but are also easy and more enjoyable to use. Electrolux Dishlex dishwashers are simple, easy to use and great value for money. Appliances Online has the best models at the best prices - guaranteed.

From the dishwasher model DX103WK through to the DX301SK and all the models in between, we're sure to provide you with discounts that no other online store can. Our helpful and kind customer service staff are on hand 7 days a week to answer questions and help you choose the right model for your kitchen. Learn the pros and cons of each model and read customer reviews right here on the website. Whether you need a dishwasher for your family of seven, or just need a washer for the occasional dirty plate, our friendly reps can assist you to find the right Dishlex product or any other brand name product that fits your needs.

Dishlex and its parent company Electrolux Group are sensitive to our fragile environment and believe strongly in corporate responsibility. The European Commission has awarded Electrolux for its pursuit of reducing the energy consumption of its products, manufacturing plants and services. Electrolux adheres to the highest ideals in corporate governance. Their membership of international organisations encourages young post graduates to pursue careers at Electrolux in the fields of occupational health, safety, and skills training. The company moves with advancements in technology and looks to incorporate these into their line of dishwashers. Appliances Online will continue to provide its customers with the latest and best dishwashers that incorporate all the bells and whistles science can produce - each one at prices that will leave your wallet rejoicing.


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