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Bosch Appliances Company Background

Founded in 1967 as part of the German-based BSH Group, Bosch is Europe's largest manufacturer of household appliances. With an employee force of over 1800 in Australia, Bosch maintains a large presence in the appliances industry along with countless years of combined experience in appliances manufacture. Their regional headquarters is located in Clayton, Victoria and their current Australian product range includes dishwashers, front load washing machines, clothes dryers, ovens, microwaves, cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, coffee machines and vacuum cleaners.

Bosch is an internationally recognised brand, with subsidiaries in locations such as India, the Netherlands, Russia and Japan. The international reach of their operations makes the world their resource when it comes to developing new technology. In 2004 they marked the 50 year anniversary of their manufacturing presence in Australia, meaning that they are completely in tune with the unique needs and wants of customers across our land. Having won numerous Galaxy awards for environmental excellence, they are concerned about both the global environment and Australia's environmental welfare. Their belief in protecting our environment and living up to the highest manufacturing standards makes Bosch a name that Appliances Online is very pleased to bring to you. Our customers know that when you buy a product from Appliances Online you are getting quality and service that can't be matched by competitors.

Bosch places the highest regard on CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - and has policies in place specifically for Australia's market. Environmental responsibility is a core concern at Bosch and environmental protection is a lynchpin of these values. Green technology is the guiding principle behind Bosch's work, from environmentally sensitive production to researching energy efficient technology. The ActiveWater dishwasher line reduced water and electricity consumption compared to earlier product lines, ActiveAir technology in the EcoLogixx 7 dryer uses more than 50% less energy than previous models and their fridges have up to 2.5 star energy ratings. In 2010 Bosch were awarded an IKU Innovation Prize for Climate and the Environment in recognition of their technological achievements in this area.

However, none of this green technology comes at the expense of beautiful, hard working and dependable appliances. The ActiveWater system in their dishwashers utilises a faster heating-up period, precision targeted water distribution and improved pump performance to ensure a better wash with less water and electricity. AquaSensor technology saves more water by sensing how soiled your dishes are and recycling water based on the results. HalfLoad Plus washes dishes stacked anywhere in the machine - if you only have plates in the bottom basket, that's where the water will go, so none is wasted.

Bosch washing machines feature high energy and water conservation ability while maintaining top-drawer performance. The EcoSilence Drive is a smaller, magnet-powered motor that outputs the most efficiency with the least energy and is also longer-lasting than conventional motors. Another advantage is that it generates less noise. With the VarioPerfect speed regulator, you can choose between using less energy or a faster wash time. Since both deliver the best wash, it's perfect for your busy life as well as the environment. And LoadSensor detects how much laundry is in the machine, and varies the water used accordingly.

Bosch ovens are no slouch when it comes to performance with green technology. Their hot air grilling system uses 50% less energy than traditional roasting, using the grill element and the oven fan to circulate the grill's heat around the cooking food to ensure an even cooking job. Furthermore, since it can be used without preheating, you're saving even more energy, a big boost to your wallet! Check out our entire line of Bosch products at Appliances Online. We offer the best price guaranteed, every time.


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