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About Black & Decker

Black & Decker Appliances Company Background

A leading manufacturer of quality products used for both domestic and commercial applications, Black & Decker brings a superb range of vacuums to Appliances Online. Originally founded in 1910 as the Black & Decker Corporation - the name of a small machine shop in Baltimore - the company has grown into a global brand with a strong presence in over 100 countries.

On top of their outstanding range of home appliances, Black & Decker is also renowned as a producer of carpentry and gardening power tools and a major supplier of information systems and services.Black & Decker has a long history of excellence and innovation. In 1917, for example, they invented the portable electric drill - and obtained a patent for a hand-held drill combining a pistol grip and trigger switch. And in 1979, they introduced the DustBusterĀ® handheld cordless vacuum cleaner into the market place, creating an entirely new household appliance category.

Black & Decker first came to Australia in 1929, when it established a wholly owned assembly, motor winding, sales, service, and warehousing operation in Sydney. It is now sited as one of Australia's key global brands.

While Black & Decker pursues a dynamic business practice, the company also respects the need to balance the demands of industry with the importance of sustaining a healthy environment. Processes are informed by the need to reduce the impact on the natural environment via conservation of energy and resources, prevention of pollution, provision for emergencies and good maintenance. Black & Decker also prioritises health and safety standards, which protect their customers and employees alike.

Black & Decker's famous logo is a representation of the hexagonal nut, a universal fastener - an apt symbol for one of the most durable, versatile and trusted brands in the world of manufacturing. Drawing on formidable reserves of experience and expertise, Black & Decker will continue to offer its customers the benefits of quality and innovation throughout the 21st century.


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