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Bissell Company Background

Family-owned Bissell has been in the homecare business for more than five generations. Since its foundation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA in 1876, Bissell has been inventing and developing innovative cleaning tools of the highest standard, including vacuums, carpet sweepers, carpet deep cleaners and bare floor vacuums.

Bissell isn’t afraid to call itself a company full of clean freaks. For more than 130 years, the family-owned corporation has developed and created cleaning tools to manage everything from the deep-down microscopic sources of your family’s wheezing and sniffling, to the stains, dirt and animal hair that wreak havoc on your home life.

According to Bissell, the company’s goal is to help you improve the ways you take care of your home, right down to your removal of microscopic irritants. Bissell’s commitment to understanding the needs of consumers has led them to research home environments and cleaning habits, knowledge which is the foundation of the company’s inventive solutions and innovations.

Bissell steam mops are designed with versatility and hygiene in mind. They can be used for natural, chemical-free everyday cleaning, as well as tough, sticky messes. A steam cleaner is the healthier way to clean and sanitise a hard floor, and can even offer antibacterial protection to keep you home cleaner and fresher.

The range of Bissell steam mops include models that sweep hard floors while steam cleaning to save you time and effort, models which can clean both hard floors and above-floor surfaces, and powerful models that maximise the healthiness of conditions in your home.

When you want to clean and freshen up a rug or carpet, a Bissell deep cleaner is the way to go. Ranging from lightweight handheld machines to extra-powerful multifunction cleaning systems, Bissell's cleaning appliances will lift the stubborn dirt and mess out of all manner of household surfaces.

Bissell's deep cleaners include portable models to effectively manage spots and stains, lightweight cleaners that are easy to carry, models optimised for cleaning up pet hair, and antimicrobial models that help to protect your loved ones from disease.To keep homes healthy and free from bacteria and allergens, Bissell has included several special features for its products. These include AireTight™ HEPA filtration Microban® antibacterial product protection to help prevent the growth of harmful common household bacteria, and Multi-Allergen formulas for allergen removal.

Bissell is committed to sustainability in its business by reducing its energy and water consumption and how much waste it generates. Its commitment to sustainability in its products include developing ultra-concentrated cleaning formulas and manufacturing selected products from 50% recycled plastic – Bissell is committed to expanding these recycled content standards throughout its product lines.

A long history in the business of keeping homes around the world clean and healthy ensures that Bissell's cleaning appliances are of the highest standard. If you're committed to keeping your home clean and healthy for your loved ones, have a browse through the range of quality Bissell steam mops and deep cleaners available on Appliances Online today.


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