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Billi Appliances Company Background

In business for over twenty years, Billi takes pride in its reputation as manufacturer of Australia's premiere water filtration systems. Since the early 1990's they have met a need for filtered water and developed new standards for water filter appliances. Their systems are created by Australian designers and offer both water and energy efficiency.

Billi products offer the best choice for water filtration, with appliances that provide either instantly chilled, room temperature or boiling filtered water. They have the smallest footprint in a commercial filtration unit and are easily concealed under bench. By using energy reclaim systems they also have a small carbon footprint, with the lowest operating costs. No ventilation is required with a Billi system and they are available in both water- or air-cooled varieties. Furthermore, they have the highest volume available.As a company they are truly contemporary, keeping pace with modern building techniques and design aesthetics. You'll know you're making the best choice for your home and the planet with a Billi water filter system. Safety features that are available in some models include splash free boiling water delivery and a hygienic, hands free sensor tap. Quality and a commitment to excellence separate their filter systems from the competition. Appliances Online is proud to offer Billi's product lines for these precise features. Our customers deserve the best.

Aside from being an attractive, convenient addition to any Australian home, Billi water filter systems also boast great benefits to the environment. Their many green, eco-conscious design aspects comply with Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) guidelines and Green Building Design (GBD) objectives. The company pay careful consideration to materials and construction, with their products having Australia's lowest carbon footprint and each component being labelled for recycling. Billi water filter systems also have unique technology that ensures they are a green choice: Thermodynamic Heat-Cells recover and reuse heat energy, polyurethane insulation ensures heat is conserved and a standby mode saves power when the filter is not in use.

Chilling water creates heat energy, but a Billi water filter system will recycle that energy back into preheating boiling water. Since each water temperature is heated or cooled to the desired temperature before you even turn on the tap you don't have to wait for the water to run. A Billi system truly saves both water and energy and this will be reflected in your monthly bills. And since each Billy water filter product has the smallest physical footprint, they save you more storage space and don't require added energy to be expended on ventilation.

With a filter systems for the home and office, a Billi product will suit almost any need you have. They offer diverse systems such as touch-free, sensor activated taps for the workplace that cut down on unhygienic use, to dedicated instant boiling water dispensers that mean you'll always have a hot cup of tea at a moment's notice.With Appliances Online, you will be able to take advantage of our unbiased, professional advice, available 7 days a week. Our team will help you find the Billi system that best suits your needs, so you can have crystal-clear, clean filtered water as soon as possible.


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