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About Barazza

Barazza Company Background

Barazza provide true meaning to the term ‘Made in Italy’ with their premium range of kitchen Appliances.

From ovens and cooktops to sinks and taps, Barazza offer a full kitchen range that’s not only stunning to look at but also meets the expectations of the most demanding user and their ever changing needs and trends. And with their mission: to create a coordinated kitchen setting, Barazza offer appliances and kitchen sinks all with matching stylish designs.For nearly 50 years Barazza have been producing high-quality appliances, with the base of their success streaming from their choice of stainless steel and the purchasing of modern machineries and equipments. Other factors include high quality control of all products, the punctuality of deliveries, and the excellent after sales service.

Although a quality boutique manufacturer, Barazza is present in kitchens throughout 30 different countries, including right here in Australia.

With over 5 different cooking collections to satisfy individual consumer creativity, Barazza perfectly cater to a wide range of home and kitchen architecture with high performance and advanced design.

Kitchen sinks

Barazza sinks stand out for their advanced aesthetic style and completely ergonomic design. They offer great functionality and a widely differentiated range, single or double bowl, with or without drainer, available in different shapes and sizes. Barazza sinks are entirely made of stainless steel and guarantee maximum hygiene and resistance to corrosion. Barazza also offer a wide range of matching accessories for all their sinkware ranges.

A wide range of modular square bowls are also available in different compositions; each bowl can be selected according to individual taste and can be freely matched to all Barazza products.

Cooktops & Ovens

Barazza offers a wide selection of ovens that perfectly match Barazza cooktops and sinks, to fully meet any cooking needs. Barazza ovens come with a variety of functionalities;multifunction, pyrolytic, combi-steam and combi-microwaves.Barazza ovens are also equipped with multiple control solutions: knobsTouch Control


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