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November 6th, 2012

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This holiday season, some brave and bold souls will be hitting the road; hitching their caravans to their four-wheel drives and setting out to see what’s out there in our wide brown land.

Very wide.  Very brown.

Now, caravanning is traditionally associated with roughing it.  Practically one step away from camping, caravanning means long drives, rough beds, and a distinct lack of amenities.  Even at a well-appointed caravan park, the facilities for washing and cleaning tend to be on the rough side.

That’s why Appliances Online offers several compact and portable appliances that do some of their best work in the back of a caravan, so you can hit the road in style and relative luxury.

Classy dining on the road – Omega portable dishwasher

Omega Bench Top Dishwasher DW101WA

With a slimline benchtop dishwasher from Omega, you’ll be able to eat from clean dishes in your caravan instead of messing about with paper plates.

Stylish and compact in design, this portable dishwasher has room for up to 6 place settings, with rear fold down plate tines and two adjustable cup racks that provide amazing flexibility.

With six wash programs and good water efficiency, the Omega portable dishwasher can use the minimum necessary amounts of water and energy, which is ideal when travelling and both are in limited supply. Three-stage filtration will take care of even the dirtiest pots and pans, maintaining wash performance and preventing bigger food particles from re-entering the wash system.

After your camp-cooked meal, get those dishes clean without having to scrub them in a bucket or the river!

What’s more, the portable dishwasher even helps to dry your dishes using residual heat from the rinse at the end of the wash cycle.  The ultimate in caravan convenience!

Stay fresh for tomorrow’s adventure – Lemair washing machine for caravans

2.2kg Top Load Lemair Washing Machine XQB22

With a portable top loading washing machine from Lemair, you can keep your clothes fresh throughout your trip, rather than saving them up for washing when you get back, or recycling them until their pong is overpowering.

Small but powerful with a 2.2kg capacity, this caravan washing machine from Lemair is sturdy and reliable, providing good wash results time after time. Fully automatic, you can select low/medium or high water levels to suit your load and choose between regular or gentle water treatments for soaking and washing your clothes.

You DEFINITELY won’t need to do this

Many of our customers recommend this washing machine for their caravans, appreciating that it requires only cold water (using about 70L per wash – make sure your tank is up to it and can be conveniently refilled!), it has a wash completion alarm to let you know when your clothes are ready, and how its 800RPM spin setting can help to dry clothes so they don’t have to be hung out soaking.

On the road again

Both of these appliances are compact enough to fit in a caravan’s cramped interior, yet efficient enough to get the job done on the road.

However, both do require access to power (240V) and water (the Omega requires a threaded tap; the Lemair comes with a connector attachment), so check that you’ll be able to keep a good supplies of both available while travelling or they’ll just end up as additional ballast for your camper van.

For more information, contact the expert team at Appliances Online.

Still the best way to travel

Happy trails!  Remember to relax and have fun.

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