Vacuum vs orchestra: which is quieter?

July 30th, 2013

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Electrolux has recently come out with one of the world’s quietest vacuums: the ergothree.

electrolux ergothree

Registering at a mere 43 decibels (i.e. quieter than a library), this vacuum delivers excellent suction without the thunderous jet engine sound effects that generally tend to accompany these kind of devices.

To demonstrate the extreme quietude of this vacuum, Electrolux decided to pit a chamber orchestra against the ergothree in a project dubbed The 43dB Symphony.

The challenge was to play ‘Carmen’ without exceeding 43dB – no mean feat when you consider this piece is usually performed at around 90dB.

Check it out!

This is the second in a series of creative promotions for Electrolux vacuums. Earlier this year we saw a curious video for the Electrolux ergothree Play – a vacuum which plays a sound every time it sucks up a particle of dust or dirt.

Thanks to special sensors in the nozzle, the ergothree Play can serenade you with dulcet and melodic tones every time you decide to rid your floors of filth. (Personally, I prefer Radiohead, but each to their own eh).

Check it out! (It really is a cool video; we’re not just saying that because we sell Electrolux vacuums and we’re commercially obliged to pretend that their videos are cool when in fact they’re lame. All killer no filler, that’s the Appliances Online way, hey hey).

See, I told you so.

In summary, Electrolux vacuums are super nifty and you should buy one if you have a dirty floor. Even if you don’t have a dirty floor, you should still buy one; they look nice and they will improve your overall coolness by at least 14%.

And now, for no reason, here is a picture of a man vacuuming his lawn. Enjoy!

Vacuum cleaner Electrolux

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