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April 28th, 2014

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It doesn’t matter whether you like movies, TV, music or video games – everyone deserves to enjoy their home entertainment on an awesome set of equipment, and the new range of 2014 Audio Visual appliances from Samsung, available now from Appliances Online, can help you do just that.

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Here are three awesome new pieces of fresh Samsung AV gear:

Top-notch TVs

Samsung UA48H6400AW 48 122cm Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV 1Samsung UA48H6400AW 48″ 122cm Full HD Smart 3D LED LCD TV

Samsung’s signature TVs use all the bells and whistles to make your home entertainment as spectacular is it can possibly be, putting the BANG in WHIZ-BANG.

Whether you’re looking for a larger 48″ screen for the living room or a more intimate 32″ screen for private viewing, there are new Samsung TV models available to suit your home, with and without 3D functionality to suit your preferences.

As we’re moving at a breakneck pace into the digital age, these TV can help keep you up to speed, thanks to built in wireless connectivity that’ll get your TV talking to your laptop, smartphone or tablet in seconds, allowing them to swap media and other cool content.

And if watching sport is your thing, selected models include a special Soccer Mode that adds zoom and playback functions to your games and automatically records the highlights to be enjoyed later on.

Blu-ray players with UHD upscaling

Samsung BD-H6500 Smart 3D Blu-ray Player 1Samsung BD-H6500 Smart 3D Blu-ray Player

The world of audio visual entertainment is constantly changing, meaning it often takes a while for the rest of the world to catch up with the latest innovations.

To see what I mean, watch your favourite standard definition DVD on an Ultra HD TV.  Doesn’t look quite as great as you remember, does it?  For a real retro feel, try digging up that old VCR and hooking that up to the set…

But before you hulk out and start smashing your DVD and Blu-ray collection and planning their replacement with 4K versions, check out the Smart Blu-ray players from Samsung.  Not only will they bring a whole new world of Smart features to your TV, but they have been specifically designed to bridge the gap between the current generation of standard and high definition content and the brave new world of Ultra HD resolution.

By connecting this Blu-ray player to your Samsung UHD LED TV (sold separately), you can play a standard definition DVD or HD Blu-ray and have the player’s processors upscale the image to a close approximation of UHD quality, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new TV right now, rather than waiting for the UHD content rollout.

Other benefits include built in Wi-Fi that connects the player to all of your home’s smart devices for quick and simple sharing of digital content using Samsung’s Allshare system, a built in web browser for accessing online content, and S-Recommendation that suggest new shows you might like based on what you’ve been watching recently.

Space-saving Sound Stands

Samsung HW-H600 Wireless Soundstand 1Samsung HW-H600 Wireless Soundstand

You know Soundbars?  Those speakers specifically designed to create a WALL OF SOUND for your home theatre viewing?  The appliances that are so AWESOME that they can must be contained within the mouth of a TRICERATOPS?

Well, Samsung has taken this concept one step farther with the Sound Stand, a type of Soundbar that’s been designed to sit immediately UNDERNEATH your TV as a pedestal.

Why is this neat?  Well, since every home is different, a regular Soundbar doesn’t work with every TV setup.  Some folks don’t have the available shelf space for a Soundbar in front of their TV, and sometimes a Soundbar sitting in front of a telly can block the TV’s infrared sensor, making using that TV’s remote control a real pain.

Sitting the TV ON TOP of the Soundbar creates a win-win scenario – your TV is conveniently positioned for clear and easy viewing, and the enhanced audio from the Soundbar helps to improve the soundtrack experience.

Get it now

The best thing about the new 2014 Samsung AV range?  It’s available now and really easy to buy through Appliances Online! After just a few clicks, your new Samsung TV, Blu-ray player or pedestal Soundbar can be on its way to you, with free next-day delivery available in many metropolitan areas!

Check the range today, and remember – you deserve awesome entertainment!

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