Five ways to enjoy better baking with the Kenwood Chef Sense

July 25th, 2016

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5 ways to enjoy better baking with the Kenwood Chef Sense

Baking is one of those cooking techniques that sounds deceptively simple on the surfaces. After all, when you get right down to it, it’s mostly following some instructions and letting SCIENCE do the rest. A child could do it (and they do!).

But even when you’re closely following a recipe, some steps in the baking process involve a fair bit of hard labour. Many a novice baker has made a bold start on an exciting new project, only to find themselves completely worn-out halfway through all the stirring, beating and kneading, covered in flour up to their elbows, and ready to give up.


Kenwood’s Chef Sense series of kitchen mixers are designed to make baking simpler, with the help of a variety of special attachments that are specifically designed to take care of essential baking tasks, all wrapped up in the adorable pastel finish of your choice.

Kenwood Chef Sense Colours

Here are five ways the Chef Sense can help you enjoy better baking, using the five essential attachments that come in the box…

Chef Sense AUS attachments

Beat and mix with the Signature K-Beater

The Kenwood Chef Sense has a main beater that’s shaped like a big letter K, and not just as a clever bit of branding – the unique shape also helps to deliver consistent results.


Unlike the smaller, rounder beaters found in classic handheld egg beater designs, the wide K-beater reaches every area of your mixing bowl as part of the Chef Sense’s mixing action, which helps to ensure that all of your dry ingredients end up perfectly combined and ready for use.

Fluffing things up with the Balloon Whisk

Rather than doing yourself a wrist injury by rattling a wire whisk around your bowl, or even just by digging the thing out of an overflowing utensil drawer, Kenwood’s Balloon Whisk can fluff up your mixtures until they’re so light, they’re practically floating away.

(They won’t actually float away, though. Unless you’re baking on the International Space Station, your kitchen is still subject to the laws of gravity. Though if you ARE baking on the International Space Station, call us!)


Because of the Balloon Whisk’s rounded shape (the clue is in the name), it can reliably lighten the texture of even a  large volume of mixture.

Reliable folding with the Folding Tool

Folding always seems like one of baking’s more fiddly techniques, at least for beginners, requiring a discerning eye and some practice to manage by hand – not to mention a fair amount of effort. But what if I told you that it’s possible to combine light and heavy ingredients to enjoy a light and airy texture, using the unstoppable power of a machine?

folding tool

The Chef Sense Folding tool is a flat paddle that glides through light and heavy ingredients alike, until they reach a perfectly aerated consistency, all without you lifting a finger. Except to press the On button, but I doubt you’re at a high risk of developing a repetitive stress injury from that.

Leave no ingredients behind with the Creaming Beater

You know how when you’re preparing icing or creamy toppings for a cake or similar kitchen project, and a bunch of the ingredients end up stuck to the sides of your bowl, rather than getting mixed in with the rest? Isn’t it annoying having to scrape that stuff down, then try to work it back into your mixture, which you’d JUST gotten to just the right consistency?

creaming beater

This Creaming Beater has been specifically designed to to fit neatly into the Kenwood Chef Sense bowl, so while it’s beating your mixture, it’s simultaneously scraping down the sides of your bowl. All the ingredients go into the mix, and nothing gets left behind. So heroic…

Give dough a spin with the Dough Hook

Kneading has been scientifically determined by an expert panel of me, myself and I, to be The Worst. It’s essential for producing perfect dough, but thoroughly massaging a lump of sticky dough on a flour-covered benchtop can get fairly physical, not to mention messy.


The Dough Hook attachment for the Kenwood Chef Sense may resemble an oversized fish hook, but it does its best work in the kitchen, and not on the end of a line. By stirring your sticky, half-formed dough with this hook, the dough will be pulled and dragged around the bowl, evenly distributing yeast and stretching the gluten for maximum rise, with no need for you to roll up your sleeves (unless that’s the business-casual look you’re going for).

…and much more!

The Chef Sense from Kenwood is much more than just a mixer, available in a variety of colourful finishes and even an XL design – with the right attachments, it can become your kitchen’s one-stop food prep station.

chef sense xl

In addition to the five attachments featured above, a wide variety of other accesssories are available separately for the Chef Sense range, including various other mixing tools, pasta makers and grinders, and even jugs for converting the mixer into a blender or food processor. Do more in the kitchen while saving more space!

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