5 reasons you need a NutriBullet in your life

July 27th, 2015

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5 reasons you need a NutriBullet in your

As one of those crazy NutriBullet fans, you could imagine my excitement when I found out we had started selling them here at Appliances Online.

I was given one for Christmas last year and have been completely obsessed ever since, so when there was an opportunity to blog about it I put my hand up straight away.

So, what is a Nutribullet?

In a nutshell, the NutriBullet is like a blender. However, unlike regular blenders, its unique nutrition extractors break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, releasing important vitamins and minerals contained within fruits and vegetables.

Translation: Delicious Smoothies and Juices with ADDED nutritional benefits!!! It allows you to receive the highest level of nutrition your food has to offer.

NutriBullet 600 Blender NBR-1207MNutriBullet 600 Blender NBR-1207M

But if the nutritional benefits haven’t already got you on-side, wait until you see it in action. I’m telling you, do not let its sleek and compact design fool you –  it’s seriously powerful.

My biggest bugbear with my previous blender was that it just couldn’t churn through the ingredients. I freeze fruit for smoothies and don’t like adding too much liquid because I want to achieve a thick consistency, but more often that not, the average blender just will not have the horse power to get through the mixture.

But then the NutriBullet entered my life. Here are five reasons why you need one to enter yours:

It’s quick

You literally only need to blend your ingredients for a few seconds, and then voila; you have yourself a smooth-as-silk smoothie.

It’s easy to clean

There are only two components you need to wash – the cup and the extractor blade. More often than not, they simply need a quick rinse with hot water.

You can take it on the go

The NutriBullet comes with different-sized cups that connect to the blender. You simply add ingredients, connect, blend, remove and you have your smoothie in your cup ready to go. The cups even come with lids and handles.

It helps you get MORE out of your food

The Nutrition Extractors allows you to receive the highest level of nutrition your food has to offer.

It’s got multiple functions

In addition to juices and smoothies you can also make soups, and its milling blade gives you the capability to mill grains, grind fresh herbs and chop nuts.

NutriBullet 900 Blender NB9-0907MNutriBullet 900 Blender NB9-0907M

However, despite all of this, I have to admit that I haven’t been using it as much as I was in summer. I still use it a couple of times each week, but as the weather has got cooler, I have found myself been swapping my morning smoothies for toast or eggs.

But I know Spring will be here before I know it, so as of next week I am going to detox and make all meals in the NutriBullet (and hopefully lose a few kilos along the way!)

Stay tuned for how it goes…..  😐

13 responses to “5 reasons you need a NutriBullet in your life”

  1. Sharon Symons says:

    I would love to win a Nutri Bullet as it will change my life and in the right direction of getting healthy. I have now been diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol and this is perfect for me getting all my vegetable and fruit dietary needs. My son has one and loves it so much and makes many different types of shakes and smoothies. Thank you

  2. Sharon Symons says:

    I forgot to add my address, sorry. Thank you and I hope I do get the chance to win… 25 Nelson Ave, Altona Meadows Victoria 3028

  3. Mark Bristow says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I just checked with the team who run our competition, and unfortunately the T&Cs state that eligible entries have to be on our Facebook page.

    Post your reply on the following Facebook post for your chance to win – good luck Sharon!




  4. Debbie O'Donnell says:

    Reboot your system
    Lose Weight
    Delicious smoothies
    Make any fruit juice I fancy
    Getting all your daily vitamins and minerals it’s all healthy.

  5. Chris ilieff says:

    Ginger, lemon, turmeric, green apples, cucumber ,mint and parsley

  6. Mark Bristow says:

    Hi Debbie, thanks for your comment.

    Be sure to post this on the Appliances Online Facebook page for your chance to win a Nutribullet!




  7. Mark Bristow says:

    Hi Chris, that ingredient combo sounds tasty!

    Be sure to post them on the Appliances ONline Facebook page for your chance to win a Nutribullet!




  8. Cheryl Pruss says:

    I would get every power vege and fruit that I could find and feed my gut only good things and they can give my Chron’s disease a good kick in the behind

  9. Mark Bristow says:

    Sounds like a good plan Cheryl!

    Be sure to post this to the Appliances Online facebook page for your chance to win a NutriBullet!


  10. Verna van Wijngaarden says:

    I would make a delicious smoothie with lots of summer fruits for breakfast in my NutriBullet if I won one, yummo!

  11. Debbie O'Donnell says:

    Would love one of these power on through the day + nutritious.

  12. Mark Bristow says:

    Thanks Verna,

    Be sure to enter on the Appliances Online Facebook page for your chance to win a NutriBullet – entries close this Friday, 7/08/2015!


  13. Valerie Wright says:

    I believe it is the perfect answer to soups smoothies and try
    a milk shake what ever I think of it will do my wishes with
    a touch of a button.

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