Product review of the Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00 – Easy prep for the everyday home chef

May 24th, 2015

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The bugbear of even some of the best-minded home cooks is the monotony of using a knife and chopping board before the cooking can even begin.

Those budding chefs who crave a healthy, but quick-fix home made meal, can be perturbed by the need for endless preparation of the veg, sauces and garnishes.

Enter the multi-purpose food processor, and all the practical accessories that make it a hugely helpful kitchen hand.

After initial scepticism around the purpose of adding a machine to my kitchen to do a seemingly simple manual task, the Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00 has been a superb support.

Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00_accessories

As the name suggests, the benefits of the appliance are utilised daily. Here are three key highlights I’ve experienced from having a food processor at my disposal.

Chopping dicing and slicing:

The biggest bonus of the food processor is the ability to prep vegetables.

Simply swapping the accessory means I can create finely sliced chips from fresh potatoes, thinly grated carrot for coleslaw, or thicker grated beetroot for salads.

The speed with which I can cut up produce such as onions and capsicums makes me a lot more inclined to add extra veg to my meals. This in turn provides an enhanced, fresher flavour.

In addition changing over the tool to the emulsifying disk or kneading blade assists dessert making desires.

Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00_veg

Scummy smoothie making:

Gone are the morning meals of a basic bowl of Weet-Bix and milk.

With the food processor to hand, I am able to make healthy shakes each day which well and truly keep my going through til lunchtime.

All I have to do is change the processing bowl over to the 1.75L break resistant jar and add the ingredients.

The powerful blades effortlessly mix up all manner of foods. With a pulse function you can break through the more stubborn foods, before the two speed settings can kick in to blend the drink into a more even texture.

A usual morning health boost will consist of oats, a banana, some berries, milk, coconut water, protein powder, chai seeds, spinach and super greens.

The combination would not be something I would have time (or inclination) to sit and eat through, but as a vitamin packed, energy inducing smoothy, its fast and effective.

Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00_jar

Sauces, dips and marinades:

Now instead of having to finely chop herbs, garlic, and seasonings on a board, and add them to a bowl to stir into oils or creams, I can make the most of the mixing bowl.

The container combines with the blades to sit like on top of the motor stand.

This makes it easy to mix intense flavours very quickly before smearing the paste or oil onto your meat or salad.

A really tasty use is to chop-up garlic and butter and spread it on a fresh baguette for some perfect home-made garlic bread to go alongside a pasta dish.

And being a smooth sided bowl, there is less wasted food left clinging to crevasse, as it’s easy to scrape it all clean.

Philips Daily Collection Food Processor HR7628-00_mixing bowl

And finally…

If you’re looking to add more than a white accessory to your kitchen, the food processors available at Appliances Online comes in all shapes, colours and sizes:

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