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July 6th, 2012

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If you don’t fancy a flood or a fire in the laundry room then we suggest you take a look over our essential tips for washing machine and dryer maintenance!¬†

Laundry maintenance doesn’t take long, nor does it require loads of effort. In fact most of these tips just ask that you cast a glance and look out for certain things.

Tips for both the washing machine and dryer:

  • Make sure you purchase a washer and dryer that’s large enough for your laundry demands.
  • Never overload the appliance! The drums in washes and dryers are robust but not infallible. Heavy, bulky items like sports shoes are best washed by hand than thrown in either appliance.
  • Consider¬†using nets for smaller, delicate items. It’s not uncommon for the underwire of bras to come out in either the wash or dry cycle and they may get caught in the drum or filter.
  • Always check pockets for coins or clips as they too may cause damage to drums or filters.
  • Make sure both the machines are standing level on all legs – this reduces the drum’s vibration and lowers the chance of damage. If not, adjust by turning the legs anti-clockwise (in the case of adjustable legs) or propping up the shortest leg with a bit of wood or cardboard.

Tips for the washing machine

Most washing machine repairs are due to hose failure. Every month or so visually inspect the washer’s hoses and connections for leaks, ruptures or general wear and tear. These hoses can be replaced easily and cheaply.

Tips for the dryer

Anything that impedes a dryer’s airflow or filter may create a fire hazard so it’s essential that these be checked regularly. Visually inspect the exhaust ducts for blockages or crimps and clean out the lint filter before or after every load.

Having once had to sit on the washing machine to stop it from bouncing into oblivion, Keri is today delighted with the new (smoother running) technologies that make housework easier every day. A self-confessed lazy-bones, Keri seeks out quirky inventions that ease the human workload, such as the robotic vacuum cleaner (wow). And as soon as someone figures out a Jetsons-like self-cleaning house, she will happily lay her pen to rest and retire from appliance journalism. Until then, her pick is a fridge that will tell her smartphone when it's time to pick up more beer on the way home. Magic.

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