Choose the right Rinnai air conditioner this summer

November 10th, 2014

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Does your home get unbearably warm over the Aussie summer? Have you ever struggled to fall asleep when even the nights feel stifling? Ever promised yourself “next summer, I’ll remember to buy an air conditioner”?

Well, summer’s nearly upon us again – have you kept your promise?


Luckily for anyone who is yet to invest in an air conditioner, Appliances Online now has Rinnai Reverse Cycle Split Systems available online, making it simple to stay comfortable at home all year round.

Suitable for cooling or heating, these aircons are designed with quietness and efficiency in mind, and are rugged enough to handle the rough conditions of an Australian summer.

But which of these models is right for your home?  While it’s always tempting to go straight for the cheapest available option when choosing an air conditioner, you could be creating problems for yourself by doing so.

After all, an aircon that’s too small from your home will never be able to properly cool or heat your space, and too large an aircon will use far more energy than you require. In either case, their inefficient performance will translate into higher running costs, potentially cancelling out any savings from the initial purchase.

Rinnai 2.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner RINV25R

If you only need a small room cooled, such as a bedroom, choose the Rinnai RINV25R – its 2.5kW design provides just enough power to properly look after a small space.

For a mid-size room – say, an enclosed kitchen or home theatre space – the 3.5kW RINV35R is the model you’ll want, with the little bit of extra oomph you need.

Rinnai 7kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner RINV70R

And for large living rooms or open-plan areas, the 7kW RINV70R has power to spare, allowing you to quickly and efficiently cool your room without eating up excess energy.

So that’s a quick and simple guideline for choosing the right Rinnai air conditioner for your home. For a more detailed look at air conditioners, check out our blog on the subject.

Remember that by purchasing your air conditioner with Appliances Online, you’re not just getting a great appliance, but you get to experience our Legendary Service, with aircon installation also available in selected areas.

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