World Water Day – do your bit with water efficient appliances!

March 19th, 2013

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Friday 22nd March is World Water Day!

Unlike World Nutella Day or National Bacon Week, World Water Day is totes legit – it was established by the United Nations, in fact.

Everyone in the world deserves access to safe drinking water, and World Water Day provides an opportunity for us all to be thankful for what we’ve got. It’s also as good a time as any to look at the ways in which we can save water around the home.

Here are Appliances Online’s most water efficient appliances, guaranteed not only to cut down on your bills, but to make yours a more eco-friendly home:

8kg Front Load Electrolux Washing Machine EWF14811

Featuring an impressive 5 star water efficiency rating, this front load washer from Electrolux gives you everything you could possibly want in a washing machine: large capacity, excellent efficiency, outstanding wash results, a variety of wash programs and a powerful spin function.

Front load washing machines are more water efficient than top loaders: a fact which is discussed in our article: Front load vs top load washing machines: which is better?

Although you will pay a little more upfront for an efficient washer, if you approach it as an investment, you will recoup the money further down the track through reduced running costs.

We love this machine, but we’re not the only ones! See what our customers are saying:

8kg Front Load Siemens Washing Machine WM16S741AU

Shazam! This little dynamo from Siemens gives you a 5 star water rating, plus a bunch of features all designed to make your laundry experience as painless as possible.

Plus, our customers think it’s the best thing since cake:

Bosch Dishwasher SMU69M15AU

Trust a German company to create products that are highly efficient! This beauty from Bosch features a staggeringly efficient 5.5 star water rating – which is only around 11 litres per cycle! (Which is astounding considering that the average kitchen sink holds around 25 litres).

Not only is it efficient, this dishwasher will give you consistently clean dishes, as well as a bunch of other super convenient features that will transform cleaning the kitchen into your most favourite of household tasks. Woot!

Our customers love it too:

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer® DD60SCX7

This is a DishDrawer style of dishwasher – which means you pull it out like you would a filing cabinet. Fisher & Paykel owns this technology, and we think it’s pretty neat! This single DishDrawer is perfect for smaller households (of around 2-3 adults) and it’s great for saving water because it doesn’t have the capacity of a larger dishwasher – which means there’s less chance of running a cycle while it’s half empty. But not only that, it features an amazing 4.5 star water efficiency rating! Wowzas.

The drawer design is also easier on your back, because you don’t have to bend down as far to load and unload. Our resident appliance expert Colin provides the lowdown here:

We think it’s grouse, but don’t take our word for it:

Well that’s enough from us! To find out more about World Water Day, head over to the Water Day website to find out what you can do to ensure every person in the world has access to fresh, clean drinking water.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m thirsty!

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