Avoid the fines – let us take away your old appliance!

November 30th, 2015

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Avoid the fines - let us take away your old appliance!

If you’ve been exploring the streets of Sydney recently, you may have spotted some appliances in unusual places:

old washing machine pickup art


old washing machine pickup art posesource: City of Sydney

This isn’t just some interesting street art, but a clever campaign from the City of Sydney Council encouraging people to book a council pickup to dispose of their broken-down whitegoods, rather than dumping them on the street.

old fridge free pickup

While we’re always happy to see appliances being featured in public art (who could forget the Fridgehenge?), Appliances Online might actually be able to do one better than the City of Sydney in this particular case.

Why book a pickup?

Obviously, dumping a busted appliance on the side of the road is a Bad Thing. Not only is it irresponsible and bad for your community, it may earn you an expensive fine from your local council.

Katrina fridgeThat said, something like Hurricane Katrina would be a special case…

Booking a large waste pickup from your local council is definitely a better option, but depending on where you live and your council’s regulations, you may only have a limited number of pickups available per year. So even if you book a council pickup to dispose of one piece of old household junk, you may still have to leave a DIFFERENT piece of old junk to clutter up your home until your next pickup becomes available, which could be months away.

Free appliance removals

But if you live in a metro area and replace an old broken-down appliance with a new product from Appliances Online, our delivery team can actually remove your old appliance for FREE as a part of our Legendary Service:

Plus, for most fridges, washing machines and microwaves, we can also unbox and set up your new appliance for you, saving you the hassle.

By letting us take away your old appliances for recycling, you’ll be free to use your limited number of large waste pickups per year on other items, such as that grotty old couch that the cat’s been clawing, or the futon covered in old food stains (and worse).

Of course, transforming your old appliances into art also remains an option. Get in touch with a gallery, or even a record label, if you wanted to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Hurra Torpedo:

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