A better way to deal with old and broken-down appliances

March 23rd, 2016

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A better way to deal with old and broken-down appliances

There’s something inherently sad, and even a little tragic, about an old appliance sitting abandoned in the street.

abandoned stove

The meals cooked on a simple stove like this may have once helped to bring a family together, and to build firm bonds between friends and loved ones in a spirit of communal fellowship. Seeing one of these appliances abandoned on the side of the road means that its days of bringing life and joy to a household have come to an end…

Old appliances 1

Plus, a busted appliance isn’t like an old brown couch or rickety set of drawers, which in some areas can be put out in the street and snapped up for re-use by some enterprising neighbour within the hour (I know I’ve grabbed my share of wobbly CD racks over the years). An irreparably broken-down oven, washing machine or fridge really isn’t useful to anyone, save possibly a modern artist seeking to create a sequel to Fridgehenge.

Old appliances 2

What makes it worse is that these sad scenes are entirely unnecessary, and simple to avoid.

If your appliance breaks down beyond repair, you don’t need to dump it out onto the street, call the council for a large waste pickup, or hire a trailer to drive it down to the tip.

If you live in a metro area and buy a replacement product with Appliances Online, not only will we deliver most items for free as part of our Legendary Service, but we’ll ALSO take the old and busted appliance you’re replacing away at the same time.

And as we take these old appliances away to be recycled, you can still enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from the knowledge that your much-loved appliance will, in one form or another, soon be bringing more joy to someone, somewhere out there.

Warm fuzzies, man. Waaaarm fuzzies.

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