Recycling Appliances – Appliance Disposal in Australia

July 1st, 2010

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Here at Appliances Online we are committed to recycling appliances in an environmentally sound way. It is a beautiful land in which we live and we seek to play a role in protecting Australia for future generations.

Appliances Online recycle all used electric appliances and all packaging in which new products are shipped.

All used appliances we pick up in the course of our new product deliveries are taken by Sims Metal Management for processing. Sims is the global leader in metals and electronics recycling. In February this year they were named amongst the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World at the World Economic Forum. This is a superb effort and one which we applaud.

Amongst practices that Sims use during their recycling processes are the de-gassing of all fridges. They have a wonderful animation that shows their recycling system on this page.

Appliances Online take the greatest care in delivering your goods to you in brand new condition. This requires shipping them in strong, supportive packaging.

We are committed to recycling all the packaging that comes back in our trucks. Below is footage of our man in charge of this procedure, Les.

Appliances Online: recycling appliances for Australia, recycling for the future.

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