What does your coffee say about you?

November 2nd, 2012

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Long black, cappuccino, decaf soy latte … it seems as though there everyone has their favourite cafe and preferred brew.

But what does the type of coffee you choose say about you? And do you judge others on their choice?

The Appliances Online team consider themselves to be excellent judges of character, so we’re here to let you know what message you’re portraying by drinking the coffee you drink, and the appliance that might be best suited to your needs.

Espresso / long black

There is one very clear message you’re sending with either an espresso or long black … you mean business! Either that, or you’re very sleep deprived.

Unadulterated by milk, flavoured syrups or even a dusting of cocoa powder, the only thing espresso and long black drinks has to hide behind is a sugar or two.

Coffee so close to its purest form needs care and attention during the brewing process, and the Breville BES900 coffee machine is the closest you will come to having a barista in your own home.

We had a chat to Breville coffee guru Phil McKnight – an ex-barista himself – and he explained why this machine is ideal for coffee lovers.

Flat white / cappuccino / latte

This is where the majority of coffee drinkers lie – varying blends of espresso, steamed milk and froth, these drinks are the go-to choices for busy people and anyone who doesn’t want to be judged. From the number of sugars to the type of milk used and the temperature of the beverage, the possible combinations are endless.

Non-coffee drinkers will think that you’re boring, but fellow caffeine addicts understand the reliability of ordering a flat white, cappuccino or latte.

For an effortless blend with just the right amount of milk, the Philips Saeco Via Venezia coffee machine takes all of the guesswork out of producing the perfect cappuccino. Set the filter to adjust the strength of the espresso and use the Pannarello frothing device to get the milk just right.

Decaf / Mocha / Babycino

Three very different drinks, but both say the same thing – you’re not part of the coffee crowd.

Decaffeinated coffee is considered a less stimulating alternative, but removing the caffeine also results in a loss of flavour.

Flavour is also an influential factor for mocha drinkers. One caffeinated step up from a hot chocolate, the combination of an espresso shot, cocoa, steamed milk and foam is chosen by those either too young to enjoy the taste of coffee (but old enough to order their own drink).

While parents continue to try and bring their young children to cafes – despite the tiny portion of frothed milk, sprinkles and a marshmallow costing anywhere between 50 cents and $2.50 – the message is clear … actual coffee drinkers just want to enjoy their beverage in peace.

The solution is the same for all three types of coffee wannabes though – invest in a coffee alternative. Whether it’s a tea maker, juicer or milkshake maker, there are plenty of small appliances that you could utilise instead of a coffee machine at home.

All the way from the land of the flightless bird, Krissy brings a part of New Zealand culture to the Appliances Online content team. And although she is adamant she does not say 'fush and chups', she can't deny her continuous use of the term 'sweet as' and her ongoing argument with her team on the correct name for jandals (thongs). One thing is for certain, however, her passion for her kiwi slang is matched with her love for sharing news, hacks and buying tips for all things appliances! Krissy's favourite appliance is the Tefal Cook4Me multi cooker, as she believes it's ok to let an appliance do all the work for you.

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