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April 11th, 2013

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What is Sirius?

No, I’m not referring to Harry Potter’s godfather.  Nor do I mean a prominent star in the night sky, or a manufacturer of paranoid androids.

Sirius Appliances is a dedicated boutique specialist manufacturer of top-quality Italian rangehoods.  Since 1996 Sirius has been designing products that keep your kitchen clean and looking great, thanks to efficient extraction and careful manufacturing.

Why buy Sirius?

Award-winning Italian design

As seen in brands such as DeLonghi, SMEG and ILVE, the appliance manufacturers of Italy understand both style and craftsmanship.  Each Sirius rangehood has been designed and manufactured in Sirius’ home town of Sassoferrato, Italy, to deliver both elegance and functionality to your kitchen.

Designed specifically for the Australian market, Sirius rangehoods use German-made aluminium motors to deliver long-lasting power and efficiency.  They’re also simple to keep clean and maintain, thanks to easy-to-use electronic controls and indicators that tell you when it’s time to clean the filter.

Powerful halogen lamps built into Sirius rangehoods keep your working area illuminated for easier cooking, which is especially handy when entertaining in the evenings with an integrated outdoor barbeque (more on this later).

High quality materials

The fine stainless steel used in Sirius rangehoods makes them great to look at and easy to clean, so they’ll last for ages while maintaining a high standard of operation. Carefully assembled from laser-cut parts, Sirius rangehoods are constructed with microscopic precision.

Sirius rangehood filters are also made from stainless steel, making them dishwasher-safe, easy to fit and remove, and long-lasting for greater efficiency over time.

The aluminium motors in Sirius rangehoods allow for a powerful suction while remaining relatively quiet.

Local support in Australia and New Zealand

While Sirius is an international brand, its rangehoods are locally distributed by Victoria-based Arisit Pty Ltd, which also looks after products from Scholtes and Indesit.  This means that if you experience any problems with a Sirius rangehood, help won’t be far away.

Featured product: the barbeque rangehood

We’ve all read those lifestyle articles about how outdoor cooking areas are growing in popularity.  Transforming a home’s backyard entertainment area into a fully-functional “outdoor room” complete with outdoor dishwasher is a project that takes time and effort, but offers a great deal of other rewards as well.

You may feel that a built-in barbeque or alfresco eating area doesn’t need a rangehood – after all, you’re outside, so there’s nothing stopping barbeque smoke from wafting away into the atmosphere.

However, as most integrated alfresco barbeques are installed undercover for protection from the elements, usually adjacent to an equally undercover entertainment area, smoke can still easily accumulate around where you’re trying to cook and your guests are trying to enjoy themselves.

It’s in your best interests to make sure that this smoke exits the space as quickly as possible – not only to protect your guests, but that outdoor TV from Liquifi you’ll be watching later!

Sirius Canopy Rangehood SL35FRESCO1200

This is where Sirius comes in.  This rangehood from its Fresco range has been designed with a powerful rate of extraction to safely handle the level of emissions typically seen at a barbeque.  What’s more, its design has been engineered for toughness, ensuring long-lasting life even when exposed to the elements.

Where can I find Sirius rangehoods?

Contact the team at Appliances Online if you need any more information about Sirius Appliances and what they can do for you – as more rangehood models become available, we’ll provide you with the lowdown on how they can be best used to keep your home clean, organised and looking great.

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