Would you get an appliance tattoo?

March 15th, 2012

Appliance Talk

Last weekend, I visited the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo at Sydney Olympic Park, not to get any work done myself, but to provide support and generally cheer on a friend.  In the seven and a half gruelling hours she was under the needle getting an extremely elaborate tattoo completed, my mind took to wandering, and I found myself asking the question:

“Has anyone ever cared enough about appliances to get pictures of them permanently placed on their bodies by injecting pigment into their skin’s dermis?”

After a short bit of research, it turns out that the answer is yes.  Click the images for a closer look:

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

I’m not entirely sure how most mums feel about their offspring getting tattoos to show how much they love them, but I’m confident that most wouldn’t enjoy being honoured alongside a vacuum cleaner.  Mums do more than clean, y’know!

Sometimes they cook.

Yes, I’m going to my room now…

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

It’s tough to love the hard work of washing your clothes, but even I’d be eager to spend more time in the laundry if it was as bright and colourful as this washing machine tattoo makes it out to be.  Maybe there’s something in the water…

Source: Ugliest Tattoos

Actually, this toaster tattoo does look pretty awesome.  It’s like someone took the early 90’s screensaver and turned it all the way up to eleven. It’s especially great how the toaster manages to fly and shoot fire while being clearly unplugged.

Though for a slightly creepier look…

Source: bjornstar.com

Yeah, I’m not sure I want to know the story behind this one.

Source: tattoo.tv

Blenders often have a pretty cool design aesthetic: they’re iconic of that 50’s “modern kitchen” look that’s popular in the retro scene.  Though if you want to look at a really good modern variation, check out this awesome Kitchenaid tattoo.

Source: tattooartists.org

Like blenders, 50’s style fridges also sport a retro look.  If you don’t want one on your skin, you can get one in your kitchen with one of the classic and colourful designs from Smeg.

Source: Plastic Surgery Tattoo

Ovens can also be used to give your body a retro look, which you can replicate in your home thanks to classic designs from many brands.

It does make you wonder though – in fifty years, will we start seeing lots of young people with inkwork of appliances in sleek stainless steel?

Source: Ocean Avenue Tattoo

People often get tattooed with the things they love, so I’m surprised that with the strong culture of barbequing in this country, we don’t see more people out and about sporting BBQs on their bodies.

Would you get an appliance tattoo?  And if so, what appliance would you get tattooed?

Already got one?  Show us!

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