Even more shades of grey

February 18th, 2015

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Fifty Shades of Grey has made the leap from page to screen, in all of its controversial glory. Is it cinema’s next great modern romance, or the problematic tale of an unhealthy relationship?

We’ll let you decide. After all, this isn’t a movie blog.  It is, however, an appliance blog.

So if your choice of film has left you wanting more, more, MORE, here are a few more shades of grey for your consideration:

Diamond Grey

Miele Vacuum S8310 Classic Family Caretaker Diamond GreyMiele Vacuum S8310 Classic Family Caretaker Diamond Grey

While they say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a decent appliance in diamond grey could also be a respected member of the social circle. Maybe in the second tier, though.


Bissell AirRam Vacuum Cleaner 1047FBissell AirRam Vacuum Cleaner 1047F

Back to basics. Sometimes you need a little vanilla to cleanse the palate, just like how you need a decent vacuum cleaner to cleanse the floor.


320L Samsung Fridge SR320MLS320L Samsung Fridge SR320MLS

When you speak the name of this shade of grey aloud, count the number of syllables you use. This will determine which side of a longstanding international spelling and pronunciation debate you fall on.

Layered Steel

584L Samsung Side By Side Fridge SRS583NLS584L Samsung Side By Side Fridge SRS583NLS

Much like ogres and onions, steel can also have layers.

Stainless Steel

Omega Dishwasher ODW702XBOmega Dishwasher ODW702XB

This common kitchen finish may not stain, but it does collect greasy fingerprints if not cared for properly. Give your appliances a simple wipe down to instantly have them looking ten times better.


678L Bosch Side By Side Fridge KAN62V40AU678L Bosch Side By Side Fridge KAN62V40AU

Grey, sleek, and incredibly valuable. Just what the eccentric billionaire ordered.


Samsung Washer Dryer Combo WD10F7S7SRPSamsung Washer Dryer Combo WD10F7S7SRP

What exactly is “inox”? It sounds like a Pokémon.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, “Inox, from French acier inoxydable, is a synonym for stainless steel.”


Panasonic Microwave NNSD351MPanasonic Microwave NNSD351M

Less garish than gold and handy when dealing with werewolves, silver is an excellent hue to keep around the home.

City Grey

SMS Audio STREET by 50 Wired DJ Headphones - City Grey SMH031SMS Audio STREET by 50 Wired DJ Headphones – City Grey SMH031

Blend right into the urban surroundings with this particular shade of grey. Though I’m sure that these headphones can look just as good in a more rural setting.


Billi Home Filtered Boiling & Chilled B5000CHLBilli Home Filtered Boiling & Chilled B5000CHL

Being a gigantic nerd, I tend to associate the word “chrome” with either hot rods or cyberpunk literature. But it’s also a nice finish for your kitchen or bathroom.

Still want more?

Check out our previous post “Sixteen more shades of grey”, dating back to when the original book had first started setting hearts a’flutter.

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2 responses to “Even more shades of grey”

  1. james Tan says:

    Hi, I like all the products display in your online store. However, as we are not able to see the products, it shall be helpful if you can review us whether the see those models that we like to purchase (ie: fridge, washing machine wash and dry combo, LED TV, microwave oven). We like Samsung brand. I need it for my new apartment located at 551 Swanston Square, VIC 3053. Will be appreciated if you can refer me to other store/show room of which I can see the actual unit before buying from your side. Indeed, your price is cheaper.


  2. Mark Bristow says:

    Thanks for your comment, James!

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a store available where you can view our products in person.

    However, another great way to check out our products is on our YouTube channel, which we frequently update with new videos detailing the latest appliances from our brands.

    If Samsung is your favourite brand, I recommend starting with our playlist of Samsung appliances: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQLqKLCs9oEhEkR8gpB2468pl_DrG200f



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