Wish your washing machine was smarter? LG now has the solution

April 9th, 2013

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LG has launched a new range of washing machines that is set to change the way Australians interact with their appliances.

Almost 45 years since LG released its first washing machine, the brand has now turned its focus to offering machines that boast less water, energy, time and noise.

Dubbed the “SmartWasher” range, the innovative machines includes features such as a Truesteam generator to refresh clothes that have been worn but aren’t quite ready for a full wash yet, an allergy care cycle and six distinctive wash actions – tumbling, scrubbing, filtration, rolling, stepping and swing.

“By smart washers I’m not talking about internet-enabled machines, I’m talking about smart in the true sense of the word,” LG Australia marketing general manager Lambro Skropidis said.

“We talk about machines that have smart features which consumers are asking for – not in isolation, but all in the one machine.”

Mr Skropidis also believes that consumers are seeing value in bigger and better appliances, trading up to larger washing machines.

For this reason, the hero model of the range is the 10kg Front Load SmartWasher with Steam (WD14070SD6), and concentrates on enhancing the customer care experience just as much as washing clothes.

After-sales customer service is taken to a whole new level thanks to the Smart Diagnosis feature, which enables a mobile phone app to send information from the washing machine directly to the LG service centre about what is wrong with the appliance. This cuts down on confusion and frustration, and can save consumers time and money by eliminating unnecessary service calls.

“I think it kind of takes the mystery out of it all a little bit,” Mr Skropidis explained.

“You’re sitting there frustrated and you’re ringing someone to come and fix it but you’re not even sure if they’re going to have the tools on them to do the job.”

Sitting alongside the hero product is the 9kg Eco Hybrid condensor dryer, as well as theĀ 10kg Inverter Direct Drive Top Load Washer – which features an on-board heater which can bring cold water up to a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius as well as a 4-star water rating.

Ultimately, Mr Skropidis suggests that the SmartWasher range has been designed to offer practical yet advanced technology to Australian families.

“If we can give them [consumers] less loads, it’s time back for them. And I don’t hear people wanting much more than time nowdays.

“We lead such busy lives that we don’t want to be doing the washing on the weekend. If we can take two loads out of someone’s weekend, I think for a lot of people we’re giving them some real value back.”

The SmartWasher range will be available next month.

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