Thieves steal tonnes of coffee and the perks of caffeine inspired exercise

April 11th, 2012

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How many cups of Viennese coffee will two tonnes of coffee make? That’s the likely question on two thieves’ minds today, in Vienna.

Holy cappuccino, hold the milk!

Two thieves have nicked off with two tonnes of coffee in the Austrian capital Vienna.

Mugged from a wholesaler and coffee-roaster’s warehouse the thieves loaded the beans into a stolen van, also making off with two coffee machines, according to an Associated Press report.

All up the Viennese police believe the goods to be worth $70,000. So far, no one has come forward to spill the beans.

In other brew ha ha coffee news scientists in the US have found a link between caffeine, exercise and reduced skin cancer rates in mice.

Oh no! We're all out of coffee in Vienna!

The researches exposed ‘cancer prone’ mice to an amount of UV light similar to what people receive for 20 weeks and monitored the animal’s skin cancer development.

They found that mice that were given caffeine and ran on a  running wheel were up to 62 per cent less likely to develop tumors. What’s more, the tumors which did develop were 85 per cent smaller!

The researchers also separated the two influencing factors.

Mice that were given caffeine only had 27 per cent less tumors and a 61 per cent reduction in size. Mice that exercised only were up to 35 per cent less likely to develop tumors and had a 70 decrease in size.

The researchers have indicated that a possible reason is the reduction of body fat triggered by the combination of coffee and exercise. But they are hesitant to suggest similar outcomes in humans.


Having once had to sit on the washing machine to stop it from bouncing into oblivion, Keri is today delighted with the new (smoother running) technologies that make housework easier every day. A self-confessed lazy-bones, Keri seeks out quirky inventions that ease the human workload, such as the robotic vacuum cleaner (wow). And as soon as someone figures out a Jetsons-like self-cleaning house, she will happily lay her pen to rest and retire from appliance journalism. Until then, her pick is a fridge that will tell her smartphone when it's time to pick up more beer on the way home. Magic.

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