Textpresso! Coffee machine takes orders by SMS

April 10th, 2012

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Wake up and smell the good brews! A Seattle company, Zipwhip, has invented a coffee machine that receives orders via SMS to grind, brew and pour automatically.

Thank smart thinkers in Seattle, the city that came up with Starbucks, for the magic machine.

It’s called Textpresso, and the genius design uses an adapted Jura machine to service the coffee addiction of a 20-odd person office. If they ever wonder whose cup of coffee is whose, how’s this: the magic machine uses a stencil and edible ink to spray the person’s name on top of the foam.

That’s right, the robotic barista receives the message, reaches for a cup, grinds the beans, pours the coffee and sprinkles a name on foam…here, take my money!

Curiously, the start up company has no business affiliations with coffee.

It dedicates itself to cloud-texting, which means creating software that retrieves SMS on other devices than a phone, such as a desktop screen. Or in this case, a coffee machine.

In other words, this coffee machines has been invented for recreation’s sake by a bunch of super smart, caffeine hyped software developers. Bless.

Unsurprisingly, Zipwhip CEO John Lauer told Komo News in Seattle: “We really do drink a lot of coffee here. I keep hearing people say, ‘I drank way too much coffee today.'”

Of course, there’s a catch.

The dream machine is intended to service the privileged in-house personnel only. Zipwhip has no intentions of commercialising the invention.

Althoughaccording to Komo News, it is thinking about publishing the Textspresso machine plans online. So all you’ll need then is a few grand and a few weeks to build one.


Image Soure: Komo News

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