Siemens puts new spin on washing machine intelligence with i-Dos technology

August 10th, 2012

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An innovative new washing machine which automatically measures and dispenses detergent has been launched by Siemens.

Developers at the German brand claim the new i-Dos technology calculates the precise dosage of liquid detergent required depending on the load size, soiling and fabric type.

Combining intelligence and design, the fully-integrated 8kg iQ 800 Master Class with i-Dos has been hailed for its ability to deliver up to 39 washes from a single fill of liquid detergent.

Speaking at the launch this week, Richard Woodmason, National Brand Manager for Siemens, said: “I think it’s going to be a huge success. The figures state very clearly that there is a lot of underdosing or overdosing with quite obvious results.

“I think the market is waiting for something like this. I think everybody hates laundry, it’s not really a very sexy industry and everyone loathes doing it. I think this makes it an absolute no-brainer. It’s a real plug and play.”

‘Perfect fit’

Siemens also claim the economically and energy efficient machine can save up to 7062 litres of water a year compared with manual detergent measuring, and uses 32 per cent less liquid detergent a year than manual dosing.

The associated iQ 800 Master Class heat pump dryer can be positioned either above or beside the washing machine, and Mr Woodmason added: “Our strong signal is innovation with a very green, environmentally friendly aspect so it’s a perfect fit for us.”

The iQ 800 Master Class washing machine will be exclusively available through Winning Appliance.

Find out more about the fully-integrated 8kg iQ 800 Master Class with i-Dos by watching the video below:

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