Robotic barista takes SMS coffee orders (video)

May 16th, 2012

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You had better get their number sooner than later, because the cute barista at your favourite coffee shop could have a bit of smart competition on the way: a robotic coffee machine that takes orders by texts.

Textpresso is a Jura espresso maker that has been adapted with a robotic arm and cloud-texting software to be able to receive a SMS and deliver a pre-programmed coffee.

Since reporting on the technology earlier this year, the ingenious inventors of this machine, Zipwhip, have made a video that clearly shows how the machine works.

The Textpresso coffee machine is currently servicing the office of its inventors, Zipwhip in Seattle, a city famous for good coffee and technology.

Zipwhip develops cloud-texting services that allow messages to be sent and receied from PCs. Textpresso was a way for them to show off the technology.

At the moment the company says it has no intentions of commercialising  the technology. So for now that cute barista can keep serving the coffee, with a wink.




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