Nespresso’s “moments of pleasure” worth billions

March 7th, 2012

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 Nespresso has boasted 20 per cent organic sales growth.

As much as some people like to be the barista in their home, the ease of use and lack of mess from portioned coffee machines has made Nespresso and its manufacturing partner De’Longhi, a success story.

The Swiss company has revealed sales over CHF 3.5 billion (over AU$3.5 billion), despite tight consumer spending. According to Nespresso, consumers like to indulge in “moments of pleasure” in tough times.

“Last year, consumers continued to choose Nespresso despite the tough economic times. They also chose our brand in the face of a more competitive portioned coffee segment. Market trends suggest that the portioned coffee segment will continue to grow,” said Richard Girardot, CEO of Nestle Nespresso SA.


“In 2012, Nespresso, with its heritage of offering personalised services and enabling consumers to create the perfect coffee, will again be inviting consumers to join it for moments of pleasure and indulgence.”

Nespresso has been active in keeping abreast of what blends of beans consumers prefer. It has re-introduced blends that were supposed to be ‘one offs’ such as the supposedly ‘Limited Edition’ Kazaar blend. Nespresso refers to all of its portioned blends as Grand Crus.

Nespresso: sensual and intense

Using talent such as George Clooney has also gone a long way to popularise the coffee machines and “moments of pleasure”.

Nespresso thinks it is well positioned for the future and is confident for 2012.

“I believe that Nespresso is well positioned to meet the growing consumer demand that will continue to fuel our momentum in 2012 and beyond…consumers will turn more towards entertaining at home, whether for a chat or for a meal.”

Having once had to sit on the washing machine to stop it from bouncing into oblivion, Keri is today delighted with the new (smoother running) technologies that make housework easier every day. A self-confessed lazy-bones, Keri seeks out quirky inventions that ease the human workload, such as the robotic vacuum cleaner (wow). And as soon as someone figures out a Jetsons-like self-cleaning house, she will happily lay her pen to rest and retire from appliance journalism. Until then, her pick is a fridge that will tell her smartphone when it's time to pick up more beer on the way home. Magic.

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  1. COOTiF!ED says:

    Meanwhile, the Aldi Expressi Coffee system is selling through the roof.

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