It’s in the jeans – Stylish Italian manufacturer Smeg unveils denim fridge at EuroCucina

April 24th, 2012

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Italians have always been renowned for design and fashion, and one appliance manufacturer has now combined those two qualities in a fridge.

The Independent FAB fridge from Smeg was showcased last week at the EuroCucina, in Milan.

Covered completely in denim, Smeg bosses claim the design is not art for art’s sake, “it is creativity for the home, style for the day”.

The appliance is a development of the Smeg FAB28 range, which is already popular due to its classic look and funky colour options.

The Italian manufacturer worked with Italia Independent to bring “traditional ideas together with style and refinement”.

Claudio Zagabrio, product manager for Smeg, told Appliances Online: “For EuroCucina we decided to have a special edition with a special coating in denim with the idea to join together two ideas of design.

“One is the famous blue jeans and the other is the Fifties style refrigerator.”

Only 500 pieces of the FAB28 denim have been made for the wider market.

In order to use the fridge in the home, the denim fabric has been treated with PLASMA, a nano-technology, which protects the surface of the fridge from splashes of water, oil, milk and fruit juices.

Mr Zagabrio added: “We take care not just about the design of the product but also about the functionality, seeing as Smeg is technology with style.

“We put a lot attention not only on the design but also the technical features of the product.”

Click below to see the Independent FAB fridge, and the full interview with Claudio:

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