Introducing the world’s first wall-mount barbeque

October 14th, 2013

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One of the many problems we face in our increasingly urbanised society is a lack of living space, which has made a significant impact on the traditional Aussie barbeque – a true cultural touchstone.

It’s not uncommon for a barbeque grill to sit idle and unused for six months or more of the year, which is not a practical option if there’s not much room available on your apartment’s balcony or in your terrace’s backyard.


That’s why MyAlfresco (a division of Arisit, the Italian distrubutor of appliances brands such as Sirius and Scholtes, among others) has developed the world’s first Wall Mount BBQ, which tidily folds away when not in use, allowing you to put all of the available space in your alfresco dining area to its most efficient use.  The Italian-made Smart barbeque straddles the line between ceramic electric cooktop and barbeque, making use of glass heating surfaces that are a breeze to keep clean.

Let’s see it in action:

So here’s what the Smart Wall Mount Barbeque has to offer:

  • Size: With two cooking plates, including a flat surface and a ridged griddle, the barbeque gives you just as much room to cook with as a typical four-burner barbeque.  And when it’s not in use, it can be reduced to an even more compact size before being folded away.
  • Ease of use: An electric model, this barbeque heats up efficiently, meaning there’s no risk of the gas running out and having to dash down to the servo for a refill while your hungry guests sit waiting.
  • Easy cleaning: As the above video shows, just dampen, heat up, and lay down some paper towels to steam-clean the barbeque’s non-stick surface.  No having to dig out the drip tray full of horrifyingly-congealed fat!
  • Easy to install: Just attach the rack to a wall and plug the barbeque into a 10-amp power point, and you’re set to barbeque to your heart’s content.  And if you renovate or move house, it should be fairly straightforward to find your grill a new home.

So if you don’t have much space to spare, but still want to be able to barbeque whever you feel like it, consider the wall-mounted Smart barbeque from MyAlfresco.  Perfect for inner-city living!

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