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October 24th, 2013

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Samsung has been at it again.  Not content with designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronics and appliances, including 3D TVs, sound systems, fridges, washing machinesmicrowaves and air conditioners, Samsung has brought its signature high-tech performance to the world of cleaning, releasing three powerful and intelligent new vacuum cleaners to make cleaning your home a faster and smarter experience.

VC-F600G 2100W Bag Vacuum – SC21F60JD

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC21F60JD

I’ll start with a modern update to a classic – the bagged vacuum cleaner.  While sometimes dismissed in favour of bagless models, bagged vacuums lock all of their dirt and dust inside easily-disposable bags, making them ideal for allergy sufferers.


Samsung’s design maintains the practicality of this concept, using Micro-Dustbags that securely trap all fine dust and allergens to keep them from escaping back into the household when the vacuum is emptied, making this an even better choice for households with sensitive health.  Also, this vacuum cleaner is powerful, with a 2100W motor to play with.

handle controls

Another smart feature of this vacuum are the handle-mounted controls, which let you switch it on or off or adjust its settings with a touch of a button, rather than bending down to the body of the machine or stepping on a button.

air cushion protector

And finally, there’s our favourite feature of this vacuum, the Air Cushion Protector, which helps absorb the shock if the vacuum’s body bumps against your furniture, helping to prevent scratches and other unsightly marks around your home – no more cleaning battle-scars!

VC-F600G 2100W Bagless Vacuum – SC21F50HD

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC21F50HD

If you liked the sound of the previous vacuum cleaner, but would prefer a bagless model, you’re in luck – Samsung’s got you covered too.

The CycloneForce chamber of this vacuum cleaner generates a strong centrifugal force that separates the fine dust from the course dirt and separates them into inner and outer chambers, resulting in more efficient and consistently powerful suction, as well as neater disposal.

dust bin

The dirt and dust sucked up by this vacuum cleaner can be dumped straight into the bin after cleaning, so there’s no need to manually replace bags.  What’s more, it shares the bagged model’s handle-mounted controls for smarter operation.

Samsung Motion Sync Vacuum Cleaner – SC20F70HC

Samsung Vacuum Cleaner SC20F70HC

I’ve saved my personal favourite until last.

This vacuum cleaner’s Motion Sync design allows the machine to swivel, steer, and generally move more smoothly about your home while you go about your cleaning, so you don’t have to lug or drag it from place to place.  This works great when combined with those innovative handle-mounted controls we’ve been telling you about.

built in accessories1

The handle even doubles as on-board storage for all of the vacuum’s attachments and accessories, ensuring that they’ll always be conveniently at-hand (see what I did there?) whenever you may need them – no more searching frantically for that one attachment that would be REALLY USEFUL right now!

twist filter

As for the main body of the vacuum, its fourteen different inner vacuum chambers create a multi-cyclone airflow while operating, and its filter washes clean with just a quick rinse and twist to keep the suction strong.

dust sensor

However, the feature that caught our eye most of all was the Dust Sensor, which lights up red when you run your vacuum over a dirty area and green when you run it over a dust-free zone.  Now THAT’S clever vacuuming!

All of these Samsung vacuums are available now from Appliances Online, to help you work smarter, not harder, when it comes to cleaning the house.

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