Fizzy fresh: new taps can deliver instant sparkling water!

October 24th, 2012

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A new tap is now able to dispense sparkling chilled filtered water at the touch of a button.

That’s right: Cool. Delicious. Fizzy stuff.

Pioneered by the gurus at Zip, this product is able to dish out boiling and chilled filtered water as well – and all in an instant.

Fizzy freshness

Appliances Online got the chance to see – and taste – the product in person at The Grand Designs Live show a couple of weeks back …

… and we can duly vouch for the instantaneously refreshing properties of the fizzy drink in question (that we had just come off a 14 hour flight made it that much more welcome).

The Zip HydroTap Sparkling Tap promises to delight anyone who thinks delicious sparkling water on demand is a pretty neat idea … either to drink by itself or to use as a mixer with, well, whatever.

And good news: they’ll be available at Appliances Online within the next couple of weeks.

But wait, there’s more:

… aside from that notable feature, these things sport a number of other very worthy highlights.

Exhibit A:

The safety lock, which prevents people (particularly little kids)  from unpleasant encounters with boiling water.

With this lock applied, both the red lever and the safety button are required to be pressed at the same time before the boiling water is dispensed. Okay, not the most exciting detail ever raised in a blog … but hey, boiling water burns n’ stuff.

Exhibit B:

Improved water filtration, with 0.2-micron filters – which filters out particles more than one fifth of a micron in size (pretty damn tiny).

That’s going to ensure you’re not swallowing things like Cryptosporidium and Giardia which, despite their delicious sounding names, are not so good for you.

Therefore, Zip represents – in the long run – a more cost effective and more convenient way to enjoy healthier drinking.

Exhibit C:

Zip’s Power-Pulse technology. This controls power phasing precisely – thereby minimising effects on the environment and on your power bills.

It’s also able to keep the heated water within 0.2 of a degree Celsius close to boiling … which will minimise the amount of time and water you waste waiting for heat-ups and the power you spend getting the same boiling water from a kettle.

Healthy, delicious and convenient while both water and energy efficient – and NOW dispensing sparkling water. What’s not to love about a Zip Hydrotap?

Stay tuned: they’re coming soon to Appliances Online.


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