Fake shrub covers up ugly air conditioning unit

June 27th, 2012

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Perusing the internet for peculiar appliance related affairs can turn up some unusual things.

Previously we’ve reported the kitchen timer in the shape of a combination-style safe lock, a device that will help your appliances tweet you, pizza and beer vending machines and a bacon alarm clock.

So today it is with great pleasure that we bring you the The Faux Shrub Air Conditioner Concealer (pictured right).

In summer, many an Australian says a little prayer to the air conditioning Gods when they walk into a room and bask in the deliciously frosty air. But when we step outside again to turn the snags on the barbie we’re confronted by the reality: a blustering, ugly air conditioning unit.

What to do?

It’s hard to grow vegetation around these units, those who have tried will know this. Leaves and petals get such a regular shakedown from the unit’s air flow that they turn out sparse and pretty ugly themselves.

So this is where the Faux Shrub Concealer comes in. It imitates an evergreen shrub and features over 400 boughs “that suggest the dark green foliage of a mature Denisformis,” so says the advert. The boughs are fully flexible so you can maneuver the shrub for “realistic shaping”, though given the opportunity, who wouldn’t go Edward Scissorhands on this baby?

The shrub has a high-density polyethlyne frame that obscures the air conditioner unit but that won’t restrict the airflow. And consider the shrub as protection against wind-blown debris, direct sunlight, dust, ice and snow.

The fake, sorry faux, greenery is UV-resistant so it won’t fade and its synthetic appearance won’t be revealed.

As an added bonus, the shrub also reduces overall noise.

Fortunately, we are in the depths of winter and have some time up our sleeves to ship one of these shrubs over from the United States (where many of the above mentioned and inane inventions also come from).


Having once had to sit on the washing machine to stop it from bouncing into oblivion, Keri is today delighted with the new (smoother running) technologies that make housework easier every day. A self-confessed lazy-bones, Keri seeks out quirky inventions that ease the human workload, such as the robotic vacuum cleaner (wow). And as soon as someone figures out a Jetsons-like self-cleaning house, she will happily lay her pen to rest and retire from appliance journalism. Until then, her pick is a fridge that will tell her smartphone when it's time to pick up more beer on the way home. Magic.

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