BeefEater set to sizzle this summer

October 10th, 2012

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The weather is warming up and Daylight Savings has just kicked off (for the majority of Australia at least), which means that the countdown to summer is officially on!

While typical preparations for the season include pulling out the beach towels from the back of the cupboard and dusting off the fans and air conditioners around the house, the rising temperatures and long nights also means that your barbeque will be getting some more attention!

But if your grill is looking a little worse for wear, then the new BeefEater range may be able to help you find a replacement for your beloved outdoor cooking station.

BeefEater BUGG

The brand is looking to revolutionise the portable gas BBQ market by introducing the BeefEater Universal Gas Grill (BUGG) onto the scene.

Featuring two individual burners and dual control knobs – as well as spring assist integrated in the hood so you can cook with it half-closed – the BUGG makes cooking outdoors effortless.

A wide range of accessories also accompany the BeefEater BUGG, transforming this portable BBQ into a cooking experience similar to that of a convention oven thanks to the roast holder, baking dish, pizza stone and digital thermometer available.

Tailored to modern apartment living, retired couples downsizing and families that enjoy to take their BBQs out for a picnic at the park, on the beach or on camping trips, the BeefEater BUGG offers the power and features the brand in renowned for all in a compact model.

Built-in BeefEaters

Tough, durable and a prominent feature of many larger backyards, built-in BBQs have undergone somewhat of a resurgence in recent years as we become more adventurous with our cooking and look to step outside of the kitchen.

BeefEater offers both a Discovery and Signature series of built-in gas BBQs, and the Discovery 1100 five-burner is one of the most popular models. Featuring a fully welded porcelain enamel frame and a roasting hood, this striking cooker brings practicality and luxury to your outdoor entertaining area.

Mobile BeefEaters

Not everyone is able to enjoy a built-in BBQ. Whether you’re currently renting or your backyard simply isn’t big enough, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the feeling of standing over a hot grill.

The 900 Series BBQ includes four powerful cast iron burners – including a side burner with trivet and lid – as well as a stainless steel vaporiser and large removable warming rack.

There is also an on-board cylinder storage place, so there is no fumbling around with the gas bottle when you want to move the trolley to a more convenient location. The heavy duty castor wheels are also lockable, keeping the mobile unit stationary while you cook up a storm.

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