Appliances Online’s guide to the perfect Aussie Summer

December 21st, 2016

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The kids are home from school, the temperature’s reaching the mid-20s before 9 am, and the freezer is filled with BBQ meat and ice blocks, that could only mean one thing! Summer is here in all its glory.

Image courtesy of pat138241 at

Image courtesy of pat138241 at

We here at Appliances Online have teamed up with a few of our summer favourite brands to bring you,

The Appliances Online guide to the perfect Aussie Summer!!


With summer in full swing it’s time to start getting beach ready, and no we don’t mean in the form of ‘weight training’ and ‘clean eating’, no, we mean arming yourself with the ‘tools’ best needed for the ultimate summer beach party, or backyard BBQ.

We’ll start with the most obvious because you can’t have succulent chicken skewers or mouth-watering barbequed porterhouse steak without a BBQ!

The Weber Baby Q series makes for the perfect beach BBQ thanks to its portability and ease of use. It’s so compact and portable that a lot of our customers are said to have used them in caravans and while camping!

Available with a range of accessories, the Weber Baby Q adds convenience and versatility to the mix making It the perfect portable BBQ.



Parmesan and Chilli Butter Oysters, with the Weber Baby Q



For the full recipe, click here

What’s a summer party without music?!

The JBL Charge 3 speakers come in a range of colours to suit everyone’s style, and thanks to its waterproof housing and 20-hour battery life, playing your favourite summer tunes on the beach or near the pool has never been simpler.

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If you would like to learn more about these stylish speakers, head to our ‘Summertime with JBL & Harman Kardon- new product alert!’ blog post.

Beat the heat!

Sometimes summer in Australia can be too hot to bare, and staying inside sounds like a smarter option than getting heat stroke. That’s when the Dimplex DC10RC 3kW Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner comes in handy.


Dimplex has designed this aircon to provide reliable cooling in temperatures of up to 43 degrees Celsius making it perfect for an Aussie summer! Another great feature is that the unit can also be used as a dehumidifier, removing moisture from your home’s air and helping to limit the growth of mould and mildew.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream

So if you’re spending some of your summer inside trying to beat the heat, then grab yourself a Sunbeam GL8200 Gelateria® Ice Cream Maker, because what goes better with high heat than ice cream?


The Gelateria® Ice Cream Maker makes up to 1L of homemade ice cream, gelato, sorbet or frozen yoghurt, and with a range of recipes that can be found in the manual, staying cool with vegan ice-cream and green apple Gelato couldn’t be simpler.

Now, as we mentioned earlier summertime usually means a freezer full of meat, ice blocks and leftovers, which normally means a full freezer! Fear not, Westinghouse have the solution with their 140L Chest Freezer, which is the perfect backup freezer thanks to its compact design and affordable price tag!


So grab yourself one of these summer-ready products, and have a safe and enjoyable summer break!

From the team at Appliances Online.

All the way from the land of the flightless bird, Krissy brings a part of New Zealand culture to the Appliances Online content team. And although she is adamant she does not say 'fush and chups', she can't deny her continuous use of the term 'sweet as' and her ongoing argument with her team on the correct name for jandals (thongs). One thing is for certain, however, her passion for her kiwi slang is matched with her love for sharing news, hacks and buying tips for all things appliances! Krissy's favourite appliance is the Tefal Cook4Me multi cooker, as she believes it's ok to let an appliance do all the work for you.

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