8 handy Appliances under $100 that make for great housewarming gifts

December 11th, 2015

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Have you just been invited to a friend’s housewarming party and would rather not be the typical party guest that shows up to the door with a $15 bottle of wine (that they may or may not even like) you just quickly picked up on the way?

Now, I’m not dissing $15 wines because there is definitely some good-tasting wine for $20 and under, but perhaps you just want to be a little bit different, and stand out from “John & Claire”, the couple who can always do no wrong amongst your social group. Or maybe you just want to give a gift the new homeowners will actually use.

Below are our top 8 appliance picks that every new homeowner should have, and hey, you may even spot something you want to put on your own Christmas list.

(It might also be best to do a bit of snooping around first, just to make sure your party hosts don’t already own the appliance you’ve got your eye on)

Magic Bullet Blender

Not only can this little machine whip up a banana smoothie quicker then you can say “monkey want a banana”, but with its generous number of attachments and easy to follow recipe book, its new lucky owners can make everything from homemade fresh salsa to creamy pumpkin soup (which will still need heating).

For more information on the MBR-2107M Magic Bullet, click here.


Breville Rice Cooker

Now before you skip to the next appliance, you would be surprised how many people don’t know how to make rice in a pot on a stovetop, myself included.

So why not make your friend’s life easier by purchasing them an easy to use rice cooker?

And no, it’s not just for making white rice. This Breville rice cooker can steam dumplings and fish, as well as cook a variety of rice, including sweet rice, brown rice, and even saffron rice.

And with it’s 10 cup capacity, auto-off function, and programmable timer, this Breville rice cooker would make any rice lover (myself included) very happy.

For more information about the BRC460 Breville Rice Cooker, click here.

Delonghi Coffee Machine

Are your party hosts coffee lovers? Then no doubt they’ll love this stylish automatic coffee machine from Delonghi.

And who wouldn’t, with its sleek, compact design, and all the great features such as the keep-warm system that helps make great coffee simple.

For more information about the EMK6A Delonghi Coffee Machine, click here.

Sunbeam Deep Fryer

So a deep fryer might not be the ‘healthiest’ appliance to give as a gift, but who doesn’t love biting through a piece of southern fried chicken and hearing a nice crunch?

Or who doesn’t mind skipping the queues at McDonalds or your local fish and chip shop by making their own French fries?

And for under $100, I know quite a few people who would love to receive a gift such as this.

For more information about the DF6300 Sunbeam Deep Fryer, click here.

Sunbeam Sandwich Press

Grilled paninis, toasted ham croissants, and cheese toasties, oh my! There are endless toasting possibilities with this Sunbeam 2 sandwich press.

Have grilled melted cheese croissants for breakkie, yummy toasted paninis for lunch, then grilled prawn skewers for dinner. And the best part is, it can all be made in the one easy to use appliance.

And did we mention it’s even easier to clean, thanks to its Teflon® Platinum Pro non-stick surface?

For more information about the GR8250B Sunbeam Sandwich Press, click here.

Sunbeam FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer

Perhaps you have a friend that loves saving money by always stacking their freezer to the brim with plastic containers filled with leftovers and bulk-bought food. Not only can plastic containers get quite pricey, but also they’re sometimes not the best space-saving option, especially when you want to bulk-stack your deep freezer.

So why not save even more money for your spending-conscious friend, and get the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer?

For more information about the VS4300 Sunbeam Vacuum Sealer, click here.

George Foreman Infinity Chopper

Chop veggies, blend ingredients and crush ice with ease, thanks to this brilliant little kitchen helper.

And with its Unique Infinity blade shape, the George Foreman Infinity Chopper leaves no ingredient behind, so you’ll be sure to drink your morning green smoothie without gulping down that unexpected large unblended piece of kale.

For more information about the 21510AU George Foreman Infinity Chopper, click here.

Sunbeam Tower Fan

Ahh Aussie summers, the beautiful beaches, the yummy whiffs of sausages grilling on BBQs in the air, the cold refreshing beers gulped down after a long day, and the 35+ degree heat… Yes, the heat, which sometimes can actually be too overwhelming for some.

So if you know someone who doesn’t have an air con system, this Tower Fan is definitely the next best thing.

Its sleek design will blend easily into any home, while the 70-degree oscillation and 3 speed settings will ensure the room stays very cool.

For more information about the FA7250 Sunbeam Tower Fan, click here.

For under $100, you could purchase any one of these appliances, and just in time for Christmas!

All the way from the land of the flightless bird, Krissy brings a part of New Zealand culture to the Appliances Online content team. And although she is adamant she does not say 'fush and chups', she can't deny her continuous use of the term 'sweet as' and her ongoing argument with her team on the correct name for jandals (thongs). One thing is for certain, however, her passion for her kiwi slang is matched with her love for sharing news, hacks and buying tips for all things appliances! Krissy's favourite appliance is the Tefal Cook4Me multi cooker, as she believes it's ok to let an appliance do all the work for you.

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