Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Victor Chang institute

Formed to carry on the work and vision of Dr Victor Chang (1936-1991), the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute (VCCRI) seeks to address all forms of heart disease.

Dr Victor Chang, a pioneering cardiothoracic surgeon and humanitarian, pursued a career of care that sought the establishment of an internationally recognised cardiac research centre at St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney. Following Dr Chang's tragic death the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute commenced operations in 1994 with two full-time staff. In the years since the Institute has gn rapidly and achieved many scientific and operational milestones. Today, the VCCRI employs more than 130 staff whose focus is research into the prevention of heart disease.

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has as its mission statement "The relief of pain and suffering and the promotion of well-being, through an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of cardiovascular biology in health and disease". It is an independent biomedical research institute that is committed to excellence in research into heart disease and cardiovascular biology, cardiovascular research training and facilitating the rapid application of research discoveries to patient care. Although the VCCRI addresses all forms of heart disease, it has as a major focus the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart muscle diseases. The VCCRI is a leader in adult stem cell technologies and their potential application to the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

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