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Smeg Appliances Company Background

Founded in 1940, Smeg is Italy's largest privately owned appliances manufacturer. Renowned for their innovation, style and superb engineering, Smeg is recognisable as a manufacturer of gorgeous, durable appliances worldwide. Smeg constantly breaks new ground in design originality and superior performance, elevating food preparation areas worldwide into architectural masterpieces that any homeowner is proud to display. Whilst Smeg has a strong international reputation, their unique approach caters to the needs of the Australian home, making them invaluable to anyone with a kitchen.

Continually keeping up with trends and current design aesthetics allows Smeg to retain its leading edge in the market. They are dedicated to manufacturing products with impeccable good looks, precision functioning and outstanding mechanical design. Maintaining a constant, evolving relationship with architects and designers ensures that Smeg will lead the industry in terms of modern appearance and usability for a long time to come. With incredibly sleek European good looks and cutting edge finishes and features, a Smeg appliance will stand out by highlighting your dedication to quality decor.

Over the decades that Smeg have spent developing their Thermoseal cooking system, they have discovered a combination of technologies that creates a sealed and perfectly controlled cooking environment that produces superb results. When a Smeg oven with Thermoseal detects excess moisture, it draws it out of the oven and mixes in cooling-fan controlled air, to both maintain a perfect cooking temperature as well as keep foods at their perfect level of moisture. A Thermoseal oven is more energy efficient due to its reaching optimal cooking temperature quicker and using less power to maintain that temperature. A kitchen with a Smeg oven is cleaner due to their releasing less heated air containing moisture, oils and food particles. Furthermore, a Thermoseal oven prohibits the discharge of heat, smoke and grease that can damage or discolour kitchen fixtures.

Smeg's PTSA burner assemblies ensure a completely vertical flame, with reduced side flame waste. If you regularly cook with a gas flame you'll notice the difference. With a Smeg steam range you'll get the benefit of healthy vitamin retention in perfectly roasted dinners. With the option of using a dedicated steam only oven or multifunction combination range, you can have the best of both worlds with all the convenience you need, while remaining health conscious at the same time. Featuring advanced electronics systems that allow for automatic preheats and predetermined cooking times and temperatures, you have complete control over how you prepare your dinner without having to do more than press a button.

A Smeg rangehood offers the most advanced air extraction technology in the world, with energy saving, reduced noise and increased capacity options, as well as automatic sensor controls which detect vapours and adjust their speed automatically to the appropriate levels. Add to this a home comfort setting that periodically refreshes the air in the kitchen to remove any lingering, unwanted cooking aromas and you have a system that's as technologically advanced as it is useful and convenient. With Appliances Online you are sure to have all the helpful, professional advice you need to make the perfect product decision concerning the Smeg appliance that best suits your home and your lifestyle.


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