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Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners provide a simple way to cool a single room in the home. Simple to install in almost any room with a window, a window air conditioner is an easy long-term cooling solution for your home.

If all you want is to sleep soundly in summer, a window air conditioner in the bedroom could be ideal. And if you’re working from home or just trying to relax, a window air conditioner in the study or small living room can provide comfort no matter the weather conditions.

Keep an eye out for window air conditioners that include reverse cycle settings for heating in winter, as well as antibacterial filters for better air quality. Selected models also include timers and remote controls to make your air conditioner easier to use and better suited to your lifestyle – imagine coming home from work to a cool house without leaving the air conditioner running all day!

While a window air conditioner is relatively simple to install, when you make an order from Appliances Online, our delivery team can often handle the installation for you – just select the appropriate option at the online checkout.

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