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Width (mm)
389 1800
Height (mm)
48 1325
Depth (mm)
340 700
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$245 $8344
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Cooktop Burners
Oven Volume
110 113
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Westinghouse Canopy Rangehoods

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Westinghouse Canopy Rangehoods

Canopy rangehoods remove grease, steam and odours from your cooking area while making a design statement in your kitchen. Westinghouse canopy rangehoods are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while clearing the air with minimum noise. If you do a lot of cooking, your kitchen will benefit from a Westinghouse rangehood.

Your Westinghouse canopy rangehood will need to be installed with a duct through the roof or kitchen wall. Alternatively, these rangehoods can recirculate with the use of a carbon filter.

There are many advantages to owning a Westinghouse canopy rangehood. Removable filters can be placed in the dishwasher, and the smooth white, glass, or stainless steel exteriors can be simply wiped down. Plus they are simple to operate - just use the controls to select the desired power setting.

Well-engineered, these canopy rangehoods work quickly to remove fumes, smoke, grease, and vapour from your cooking area. They are also designed to operate at low noise levels, which when combined with a Westinghouse BOSS® oven, will ensure a quiet and pleasant kitchen environment.

Depending on the model, halogen lights will brightly illuminate your cooking area. This makes it so much easier to see what's going on, allowing you to cook with confidence. Another great feature of our deluxe models is the Auto-Off fan delay, which will automatically switch the power off after 5 minutes - leaving you free to enjoy your meal.

If you're looking for a rangehood that not only looks great but can be relied on to keep your kitchen clean and fresh, choose a Westinghouse canopy rangehood.